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New Morrison Government program to support next generation of cyber security experts

26 October 2021
A joint media release with the Minister for Home Affairs the Hon Karen Andrews MP
Australian students are set to benefit from a new $14.9 million Morrison Government education initiative designed to boost cyber security skills and prepare them for future careers in cyber security.

Minister for Science and Technology Melissa Price said the program, which has a particular focus on underrepresented groups, is designed to ensure future generations can protect themselves online and encourages them to consider job opportunities in the cyber sector.

“The Questacon Cyber Ready program is about inspiring and preparing Australian students for a career in cyber security while also bridging gaps in the cyber security education ecosystem,”

Minister Price said.

“Ultimately we want to strengthen our future cyber workforce by increasing diversity.
“We want to increase the cyber education initiatives available to young Australians, including those in regional and remote areas, and boost the participation of women, Indigenous and neuro-diverse people.
“We also want to improve partnerships within the industry and between key players in cyber education.
“Questacon’s Cyber Ready program will complement existing cyber education initiatives such as the Engineering is Elementary program to improve digital systems, critical thinking, enquiry-based learning, problem-solving, and equip Australian students to become part of the next generation of cyber experts.”

Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews said acting now to grow the nation’s cyber skills was vital to ensuring Australia’s long-term security and economic prosperity.

“Australia faces a range of serious cyber threats in 2021 – attacks on our critical infrastructure, identify theft, hacks from serious and organised criminals, the spread of disinformation, and growth of the dark web; to name just a few,”

Minister Andrews said.

“The extent and breadth of these risks were not envisaged in 2001, or even in 2011. By investing in training now, we will ensure that Australians in the future have the skills, training, and experience to overcome the threats we know are coming – and those we don’t.

“As artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and the internet of things continue to revolutionise cyber security into the next decade – and beyond – the Morrison Government is acting now to build a strong, intergenerational cyber-savvy population.”

Source: Press Release

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