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Responsive designed website

We are listening to the term ”Responsive Website” for long. From last two years, people talk about this so much but still, today don’t understand its concept in a proper manner. Many people want to know what is responsive design, is it beneficial, is it costly, what are its limitations and so many questions. It is a topic of max discussion among those people who are either web developers or who are having their own websites. So, not in much detail, here presents a concept in a simple way.

There was a time when people browsing the websites with two or three screen resolutions; however, in the last few years, devices using Android like tablets and smartphones with 4G or 3G web connection usage is increasing and the web designing industry is looking for a solution for all the multiple screen resolutions. Here responsive design provides solutions for the same.

In the configuration of the products of e-commerce, there are some tools meant for e-commerce software which are specialized in the configuration and among them, responsive design is the most relevant which makes a life of web developers easy and more comfortable.

A website is considered as a responsive website when it is designed in such a way that responds to more than one screen sizes. It is quite different from stating a website in pixels. In this design, responsive codes are mentioned in the form of percentages. And by this, a website can be accessed on all devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktops etc.

In a simple form, a responsive website used one URL and thus having only one website and contain accurately the same content which can be accessed on any device.

Now after understanding the concept and what makes a website design responsive, one must understand that what is the requirement to make your website responsive today.

So, as we all know we are living in a world of smartphone. Usage of the internet on the mobile devices and devices using Android like tablets, smartphones etc. is increasing day by day. No one has the time to sit on a desktop at one place and do net surfing. Everybody wants to be free and independent. So, overall the lifestyle of the people is gradually changing in the context of web browsing which leads to making the web developers think, how their information can be accessed by the users. Everyone wants to explore the sites without considering what devices they are using to access the same. Thus, all these reasons clear this thing that why a website should be responsive or why responsive design is important for the websites. The good thing is that they are user-friendly and simple and to manage them is also not a tough task.

Next to make the website responsive, most essential, so while developing a responsive design, one must focus on the aspect of flexibility which comes along with product configurations of various websites and responsive design. Flexibility is very important ranges from the grid to the images etc. All your customers are having different needs. For instance, on a software company website, there should be a list of the software so that its visitors able to access the same. An intelligent and professional web developer always design the website of their customers, after understanding their needs carefully.

Another important thing, all the responsive websites are required to be optimized so as to increase their speed and this can be done by avoiding unnecessary downloads.

The cost for developing a responsive website is very subjective. It totally depends on your requirements. There are some specifications which a web developer must know before deciding the final cost of the project. Some of them are;

In the end, I just want to say this is a concept which is still evolving. Advanced devices will launch in the future also and the practices to surf the website will always change. If your website becomes responsive, you will enjoy the same exp on every device. But remember, it is not the solution to all the issues but despite this, you must have a responsive website now.

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