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Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) Marketing

Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) Marketing

WOM marketing is one of the most potent forms of advertising where a satisfied, happy customer influence hundreds of others to buy the same hosting plan. The customer talks about products or services with friends, family, and others with close relationships. They share their experiences, impressions, feeling, thoughts and recommendations, and their informal conversation has a powerful impact on their buying decision-making. First used in the 1500s, the idiom is an Anglicization of the Latin phrase viva voce, which means living voice but is usually translated as word of mouth. When used as an adjective before a noun, the phrase is hyphenated as word-of-mouth.

A hosting company gets word-of-mouth referrals by building its social media community. It's an invaluable way to gain audience insight while grooming brand advocates. The businesses have relied on word of mouth by their stakeholders to establish, build and maintain reputation. A hosting company strategies WOM as its crucial marketing tool with targeted effort and naturally occurring instances where hosting consumers or customers share their satisfaction with a brand. It creates a ‘buzz' with user-generated content that induces that a brand is more trustworthy and valuable. The most effective, inexpensive advertisement attracts more customers, as people talk positively about brand recognition and trust that leads to sales.

Put paid ads, content marketing, social media, traditional media, advertising, promotional events, and email marketing on one side of the weighing scale and WOM on another. Which is having more weight and power?
The WOM marketing impression results in 5 times more sales than a paid media impression, and people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend. About 60% of consumers search online for reviews and information before making a buying decision. Furthermore, 85% of the small businesses & startups get customers through WOM, and it seeds irresistible stories with relevant groups of strangers.

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