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Business Choose Linux hosting Services

Whenever in a discussion on website hosting, mostly people choose Linux hosting.

Linux hosting features


Available as an Open source so no cost associated with most versions of Linux. Choose Linux Hosting, an excellent choice for cheap dedicated servers and affordable to operate.

Services Offered by Dedicated Linux Servers

Scalable, flexible and provides multiple options to fulfill the hosting needs
Linux hosting is compatible with PHP most modern programming language.
Linux hosting to test new things and benefitting practicing programmers also.
No Linux required on PC to host your site.
Linux can run various processes at a time for several years, without any failure.
Restart not required and also not defragmented frequently.
Developers use Linux servers for security reasons. Viruses and malware attack less on Linux.
In Linux system administrator has a clear view of files and is under control. It is suitable for individuals, small-medium-sized businesses.
Commercial providers Red Hat, Novell and Canonical, offers 24 hrs support for business services and critical applications.
Can load and run around 40-50% faster, on a dedicated server, cloud server, windows server or VPS server.
Supported by many powerful and reliable tools and solutions like PHP, MYSQL, and Perl.


Provides new and improved versions in every six months and long-term support versions in every two years.
Regular updates of its packages and sources several times in every year and
Fix security as per the requirement.


A worldwide community of developers contribute to the source code, fix safety and system enhancements
Free support through forums and distributed community sites

The Linux Foundation

A corporate collection of platinum supporters (Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel, NEC, Novell, and Oracle). It assures development on the continuous basis.
The foundation members sponsor Linux Torvalds through donations and membership dues, and others work on Linux full time.
The primary objective: To promote, provide safety and standardize Linux to encourage its growth around the world.


A cloud server is the choice of much small business and personal websites.
For Big companies, Linux server offers robust, highly scalable and flexible, cost-effectiveness option.

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