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The functions and purpose of semantic web

What is Semantic web?

This article will discuss what a Semantic web really is. Firstly you must know that it is not a new technology or a new version of the internet. This is actually a concept where machines can analyze the data that they are supposed to process. This actually a perfect combination of more than one method such as XML, OWL and RDF. These methods are put together to give all the data a logical structure. All the information is usually linked with each other in a meaningful manner so that the computers do not have trouble in processing it. The whole idea behind Semantic web is to create new structures so that the computers may utilize new algorithms to initiate tasks that were impossible with the older versions.

With Semantic web connections like this for the computers have become very clear and with information and it will become very easy to achieve new and innovative things such as locating cheap products for customers.

Functions of Semantic web

Well the function of semantic web technologies is to structure data in such a way that the computers can comprehend what they are processing in order to give meaningful results.

Purpose of Semantic web

While going through the purpose of Semantic web you will also understand the benefits of semantic web. The semantic web provides a solid infrastructure that not only enables web pages but also house hold appliances, personal devices, sensors, programs, services and databases to produce and consume data. The agents dealing with software can utilize this information to prepare, filter and search information in new ways to help a web user. Currently there are many versions of semantic web that is still in use and are used in various business cases, Time lee designed it that way. The semantic web is considered to be the heir to the internet. The different web languages are designed in a way to make content that can be read by the people very easily.

The semantic web will require new technologies such as OWL, RDF, URI and HTML. All the objects will have an identifier that will help an agent refer to it without any problems what so ever. The RDF will permit users to specify the connection between various objects. The RDF versions are now using Syntax that is written in XML. The OWL on the other hand will empower the various developers to put together complex relationships between various objects.

So by now you have understood that Semantic web simply involves putting information in the right order so the software agents can make sense out of them. So you see that semantic web is not about introducing artificial intelligence to a website. Once all of this information is readily available the software agents can use this to help the users on a regular basis. If this is used in a proper way the things we can achieve have no limits at all. So if you follow the guidelines mentioned in this article then you will see that you will have a better understanding of a semantic website.

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