Image Hosting iCloud

With iCloud image hosting, an individual can share images and videos with the people he chooses, and he can allow them to add their own images, videos, and comments. Friends and family can subscribe to his shared albums to view them on their devices, leave comments and get notified automatically when he or anyone else adds new images and videos.

Employ iCloud Image Sharing

To use iCloud Photo Sharing, an individual need an iCloud account, any compatible devices with latest software. A desktop computer running on Windows 7 or advance software and iCloud for Windows is required. If an individual enables the open for all options when he sets up his shared album, his friends and family can view his photos and videos from any current web browser using a link that he furnished. He can also protect his images using password protection.

Set up iCloud on all devices and turning on iCloud Image Sharing

Afterwards updating devices and iCloud account set up, it’s easy to turn on iCloud image sharing on any of an individual's devices. He needs to go into Setting's after that select iCloud and after that he needs to choose an image he wants to upload and last he requires to turn on iCloud image sharing. This is almost same in all devices, and if there is any change, afterwards an individual can alter as required according to need.

iCloud image sharing supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and usual RAW image formats, which are quite ordinary. If shared images taken with a basic device then it should have minimal pixel requirement. A shared image on icloud can hold a maximum of 5000 images and videos altogether. When an individual reaches the limit, he needs to delete few of images or videos before adding fresh ones otherwise; he will not be able to upload brand new one.

ICloud image sharing images' storage time period

The images an individual share remains in iCloud till the time he doesn't delete them or the contributor deletes them manually. He can create a shared album with quite an ease by selecting the images he would like to share from a compatible device, then by selecting the people with whom he would like to share. He can share his images even with the people who don't use or have icloud.

An individual can add more images any time he wants to do. After this, people who are allowed and can access the shared images will get notified automatically. Furthermore, if an individual allows, then known people can edit shared or uploaded images via icloud technology. When they edit his images to add or remove subscribers, an individual can turn off the option to allow subscribers to add to his shared images.


An individual has total control over his images he shared with his known people and can delete or create image or images at any time. Therefore, with icloud technology it is quite simple to employ an individual’s images as well as to share them with complete control and with ease. So it is a technology via which an individual can upload his images with rapid and awesome image quality. If an individual wants to do it with the simplest device, which is an Android phone usual one, then also with icloud technology it can be accomplished.