Freenet Software

It is a decentralized and interconnected node system in which nodes behave like suppliers and consumers. Freenet is the invention of IAN Clarke professor at Edinburgh University in 1990’s. Freenet is a distributed, decentralized information storage, and recovery system or if we are not going into technical then for a normal person it is a revolutionary different way to use the internet without detection. It provides you the freedom to communicate. Basically this is software which can be downloaded for free through which you can chat online, set up your website, read a website, and share files with nearly total anonymity.

This software is publicly released in the year 2000. After 12 years lots of people are using it. According to survey on Freenet around 2 million people are using it as they downloaded it from the website initially in Europe and the US. The website, from which you can download the Freenet, is blocked in nations like China so citizens over there tend to get this software from friends. A few years ago an improved version of Freenet was launched in which identity of the user and the information that someone is using the Freenet, is not seeing to anyone.

After installing the Freenet on your computer first you need to answer some easy questions those are for security purpose and then you will find that everything is here like bald capsule description, an index list in which hundreds of free websites are accessible, TV shows, Movies, Games, Portals, and many more things. The most important thing is that all the data is hidden online or we can say while using Freenet you is on the dark web.


IAN Clarke the founder of Freenet thoughts that a person should get freedom to share any kind of information that is another way called “content”. In short founders of this software want to spread the message that the autonomy of speech comes only with accurate anonymity. They want to say that free information should not be considered as crime content. Some countries like to censor the information as per the rules and regulations of the country. But Freenet content will give you the uncensored information regarding any topic like terrorism, any social issues and many more.

Technical Design

If we talk about the architecture of the Freenet then it stores all the files at specific network and retrieval of the files is possible through an associated key and all this is possible through a protocol such as HTTP. All the internal process of the network that is totally decentralized and anonymized. The design of the network gives you the facility to upload and download the files with easiness. The network is designed in such a way that all the information is distributed around the network and stored on various peers. Algorithm of encryption makes it difficult to find out that who upload the information, who download the information and where the data is stored.

Freenet Tools and Applications

Freenet is a peer to peer system but it does not make available different functionalities. It features an application program interface named Freenet client protocol by which other programs can make use of it to execute services like file sharing, online chat. Some very good tools are here like a Freenet messaging system that's designed to address the problems and another is frost serve the purpose for file sharing. You can upload websites by the use of jSite tool.