What is semantic web?

When the semantic web was developed it was looked upon as the heir to the internet. Its design was put together by Tim Lee. The whole idea of developing Semantic web was to arrange data in a way that can be comprehended by computers to give a meaningful result. The various languages used for web development are designed in a way to make the content easy to read by the people.

The newer web requires a lot of new technology to work properly. OWL, RDF, URI and XML are some of the newer technologies that are involved. Now the good part is that each of the objects will have an identifier so that the software agent can refer to it without facing any problems. The RDF permits developers to design a relationship between objects. The current RDF models are using syntax that is written in XML.OWL allow the developers to create complex relationships between objects.

As you have realized by now that Semantic web is all about organizing the information in such a way that the software agents can make sense out of it. Semantic web is not just about adding artificial intelligence; it’s about making available the right information at the right time. Once all the necessary information is present the software agents can start helping out the users on a daily basis. Activities such as scheduling appointments and providing relevant information can be expected from semantic web. Once it is utilized properly the chances of doind great things is endless.

What is non semantic web?

A non semantic web is where the information is not arranged in a way that can be comprehended by the computer to give a meaningful result.

Is Semantic web better?

Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

The semantic web is much better as the user has access to a lot of information. There are two approaches that are used for availability of information the top to bottom approach and bottom to top approach. The bottom to top approach means adding some information to certain documents that already exist on the web and converting them into a format that is understood in a better way for various web based applications. The information provided will describe all the entities that are involved on a webpage and how they are related. This can be done through Microformats and RDF.

Users that prefer the top to bottom approach consider the other approach to be quite unpractical as they do not fancy an internet to be fully annotated. The top to bottom approach permits the development of various applications. People are all over the world are using Semantic web as it is very easy and you can do tons of things with it, provided it is used the right way.
It does not matter what approach is being used the internet will become more meaingful for sure. So just follow the tips mentioned in this article and you will have no trouble utilizing semantic web.