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Everybody in an organization dreams to reach a plum position which sooner or later is going to become vacant at your workspace. You wanted to get it. Have you asked yourself few questions:

Do you have enough guts to reach that plum position?

Everybody wanted to be highly visible and indispensable to their organization. With experience, a person learns to project confidence, even when something has not gone his way. To be fruitful and get promotions in an organization you should be able to comprehend every facet of your company's business structure and function. You have to find out the way to keep learning and growing so that you never feel stuck.

Your promotion depends on your:

If you want to lead your company, you have to take charge, accept challenges and make an ally out of everyone you work with.

Transform yourself from an average employee to an indispensable corporate player. Let the Management find you to promote or develop for a larger role.

Company management looks for the following qualities in the manager:

Proficiency variables which can evaluate and advance you in a job:

Words that can sink you:

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