Image Hosting Hotlinking

Image hosting is quite familiar and popular technology for people nowadays. When hotlink combines with this technology, then it merely refers to upload images on any other website. Via hotlinking an individual buy right of some website content in a limit and copy the same on his website. Hotlinking is for individuals who don’t want to spend on a hosting service and connect their contents with another image hosting website. This is the genuine way, but most of the people don’t follow this and copy other’s web content without having a concern. This is something entirely unethical which shouldn’t be done. There are few ways to avoid it and display images safely.

Ways to find Hotlinking Sites

If you want to employ hotlinks and let your website visitors view your images via it, then there are few ways available to do it with ease.

1. By using a precise script: You can hotlink your images by using a clear-cut script but for that, you should be a bit familiar with technical aspects.

2. By search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc.: It is a way quite easier than the previous one and for using and employing it you need no to be aware of any technicalities.

Ways to avoid Stealing

There are various methods you can employ to prevent theft of your images. It is quite usual, and you can steer clear from stealing of precious images from your web page.

  1. If you don’t want your website visitors to lift your images, then you can save them by protecting through a password. Whenever a visitor comes on your site and asks for downloading an image then you can show an icon that for downloading you need to pay some money or else it is protected and needs a password to download the same. You can ask for this feature form image host through which you are running your website.
  2. You can prescribe the visitors to see images on your website and can allow only specific users of your website. This will help to stay away from people who visit a website only for the purpose to steal images from there. When they will unable to see them, they will not able to cheat and copy them.
  3. You can authorize unambiguous personals and an automatic message will be displayed whenever it will be handled by unauthorized people that you are not authorized to visit this page. It will let your images visited only by specific people, and unauthorized people will not be able to steal either visit your website images.
  4. Rather than reinventing the controls, it is probable to employ third-party means, and VisoHotlink is an excellent technique to do it. This wonderful and useful web application is used for managing hotlinks and related things with using strong tools. It is developed by some webmaster that was all-in of having access to an individual’s photos in a straight line on its server.
Tags of Lines which can be Employed

You can use various taglines on your image hosting website, in particular, each case to prefer, let the image be displayed, put on view nothing, can show a picture or put on show the requested image but with a configurable watermark. In additional words a complete solution to save images on your website from thieves or any other troubling factor.

Free image hosting websites like allows an individual to hotlink his images absolutely free of cost.