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Website Home directory

Your home directory contains several default subdirectories or subfolders. Their number and names will differ depending on your plan, yet some of them are typical of all plans. It is a feature of our hosting automation system to let you have multiple domain names under your one login account and control panel.

You will always have a “root” directory, and each domain name you have will have a separate subdirectory in the main web folder. Here are some of the lists that are automatically created and may not be deleted: (Some hosting accounts may have limited feature sets, and some may not be viewable. )

Whenever possible, upload your site using the utilities that come with your website development software. For instance, if you made your site with SiteStudio, FrontPage or Dreamweaver, use their integrated web publishing tools. If you've done your site with simple text editors, or if your site-building software does not have an editing utility, use freestanding FTP clients, such as CuteFTP, SmartFTP, or the built-in web-based FTP agent.

Please note that site publishing tools do not remove your old web content from the server. For instance, if you used SiteStudio to upload a site with 15 pages, and later you published an updated 7-page version of this site, your directory on the server will have all the new pages and the old pages that haven't overwritten. If you publish many versions of the website, the site may become cluttered with old files. Warning: If you have a complete internet site, be careful not to overwrite it with a publish command.

Domain Alias

An instant domain alias that is created automatically for you. You should have received it in the initial welcome e-mail. Instant Domain Alias is an additional web address which lets you access your site during the first several hours after the domain name registration, the time when the site is yet unavailable in the newly registered domain. Over the next few days, Domain Name Servers (DNS) all across the Internet will update themselves with your new site name. Once that happens, you will be able to access your site at the domain you have registered.

Online Presence

Quality and credibility are given prime importance in an online business. They are the essential characteristics that decide the success and failure of an online business.

Credibility is the most important among the two, especially in a case of online shopping companies. The online store of your website is one of the vital parts of your online business.

The storefront of your site is your corporate identity and hence should be highly professional as well as user-friendly. Shabby, cluttered or copied shopping cart formats will decrease the leads/sales.

An e-commerce shopping cart design should have professional & clean looks. It should have user-friendly shopping cart applications. A good online shopping cart should be customer and owner friendly simultaneously. It should have methods to edit, store and update the pages. You should also be able to create invoices, edit orders and create new pages for your products.

Cutting-edge design is critical for a shopping cart. The design should be attractive, systematical, and easy to comprehend. The products should place in a methodical way. A great design and methodically put content increases the credibility of your website.

Before developing a shopping cart design, you can do a comprehensive research on the most sought-after shopping cart designs.

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