It has become a common practice that when it comes to web development more than 90%, developers use Linux. Why they choose Linux, this question may drive the interested readers to the fact as for how much Linux is helpful in web development. Linux is mainly an operating system for the web servers. As the Linux hosting has become very popular, the website developers and designers get all the features that they expect.
Linux, the operating system has been on the market for more than forty years. Because of staying in the market for this long the system has made itself upgraded in various issues including the safety issues. At the time of production, Linux was out with different kinds of flavors. Unix system was one of them. This system has become very popular over the years. The reason is its stability and high base. Because of the Unix system also, Linux earned a great trust from all kinds of users.
At present, seen that when it comes to web development more than 90%, developers use Linux. To find out why one has to understand that in the process of web development the operating systems have to be very trustworthy. If the web-development works done on a cheap and insecure operating system, then the process may get hampered with a virus and other kinds of spam. But in a case of Linux, the operating system protects the websites from all sorts operations.
Where it comes to cost cutting also, Linux proves itself to be very popular. With a low rate, Linux offers all the features and so on. It is possible as Linux is a free source system. Therefore the web hosting service providers don’t pay any licensing fee for using Linux. So they can sell Linux with a marginal profit. For the web-developers, this comes as a cost cutting. That is one of the reasons as when it comes to web development more than 90% developers use Linux.
The control panels of the Linux hosting control panel are different. In the Linux operating system, there is the cPanel, WHM or the Web Host Manager and so on. The cPanel is the best control panel among all the other control panels. The control panel has many features. Operating this control panel is very easy as well. Because of all these aspects, and the aspect of fewer prices, the cPanel has become very popular. Based on the Linux platform and having about ten flavors of Linux, is preferable by many hosting companies as well as the web developers.
When it comes to web development, more than 90% developers use Linux. To find out the answer to why this happens several aspects are looked into. But the primary reason is that the web developers are finding the Linux system appropriate for its applications, program languages, and databases. This kind of options added with lesser price, all these explains that why When it comes to web development more than 90% developers use Linux.