Since, 1997, CPWebHosting team has seen a lot of changes, which they say “Hosting industry has advanced with lightning speed.” A layperson can argue that still, websites are using the HTML technology. A specialist knows, that how much distance, they have covered in this technological era. Even, every day they worry, to keep themselves updated, otherwise, they would lose the business for being outdated. The fast moving technology is becoming a weakness to many of technical persons.
CPWebHosting started as Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Servers providing company was at that time least interested competing in Shared Hosting Sector. Their customers were not end-users, and they don't want to raise competition for their customers.
Nowadays, its completely different scenario, hosting company has become one-roof service providers. They are selling domains, SSL, backup plans, reseller hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting and much more.
The companies have started allocating more budget to IT services. A performance-based advertisement has become much popular. The Sales Executive Mr. Mukesh for CPWebHosting says that “there was a time when people were dependable and rely on the website designer or developer.” Nowadays, people have become more knowledgeable and purchase the hosting services only by research.
Even, with the buzz of Cloud Hosting in the market, they also won't purchase it without proper analysis. A customer customers go into more in-depth details and try to differentiate between the hosting services of various companies. The online reviews also play a significant role in biasing the choice of hosting group. Negative feedback can become a nightmare to any business. The hosting industry has taken it as a major barrier to their success. To overcome it, they have not stopped the customers by giving the feedback.
Instead, they have appointed the Public Relation Officer, to understand the issues and answer accordingly.
The CPWebHosting Hosting plans, include Business, Professional, and Enterprise. Moreover, the company is selling domains, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated serves.
Business Hosting plan starts at $3.75 per month and is shared hosting plan, hosting other websites on the server. Its advantage is that it is cheap and startups and individuals and personal hosting customers favor it.
If you wish to upgrade your hosting plan, then the company offers VPS Hosting Plans. You don't have to compromise resource sharing with others, and the customer gets guaranteed allocated resources.
And, again, to further upgrade, or customers hosting critical-applications, dedicated server options are available. The cost of servers is more as compared to Shared Hosting or VPS hosting, but, the choice depends on the need and type of company.
For each customer, a broad range of hosting services available to cater their hosting needs. The company technical staff available 24.7.365 to resolve customer issues and bring satisfaction as per expectation.
In 18 years the company has experienced many excellent and bitter results. In its experience, the hosting has faced many DDoS attacks, malware and virus attacks. But, overall, the company has survived with firm dedication.
Mr. Rohit says, that “still we need more advancement in technology, as we are yet not supporting Java.” Sometime before, cPanel started supporting the JSP application, but later it dropped it. From the early hosting period, the company has been providing the control panel, previously it was Hsphere supplied by Psoft, and now cPanel. The control panel helped customers to manage their hosting resources and domains efficiently.