Before we talk about ScaleArc iDB to Boost Performance of WordPress let us get familiar with Scale arc as a company.

Introduction to Scale arc

Scalre arc is nothing but an expert in the field of developing a software for creating a database infrastructure that simplifies the process of creating environments for databases and their management. This also brings down the cost substantially without altering the databases or applications. ScaleArc iDB abstracts application servers from database servers to give connection management and horizontal scaling. This also provides real-time visibility for every query to give the users the benefit of instant troubleshooting and analytics in real time. High-speed security enforcement and one-click query are some of the other benefits provided.

If someone had to achieve capabilities that are mentioned above it would require a lot of investment for the continuous maintenance and engineer the resources.

About ScaleArc iDB

ScaleArc iDB is nothing but an engine that takes care of traffic management, it is based on SQL. This is able to bring in a lot of transparency between the databases and applications. This is able to provide a lot of visibility into the problems encountered by the databases and it uses real-time analytics based on SQL. ScaleArc iDB also provides high-level of availability for the databases and also instant scalability, routing capabilities, load balancing and read/ write split are some of the other facilities that you can expect. Since there is a SQL firewall you can experience a high level of security and transparent caching.

The good thing about ScaleArc iDB is that you do not have to make any modifications to the database or any application and you can set up the entire thing in less than 15 minutes. ScaleArc iDB supports Oracle, SQL Server and MSQL database, this is also as a software onana x86-64 server. ScaleArc iDB is very compatible with cloud technology and is available with Nephoscale, Liquid hosting, Joyent and go grid.

Let us look at the other benefits of ScaleArc iDB

Compatibility with a wide range of database, ScaleArc iDB supports most SQL based databases and millions of other applications utilize these databases. Let us take a look at the technical specifications.

  • ScaleArc iDB is quite transparent and you have to make no changes to the databases or applications
  • The applications are developed using all programming languages.

You can take advantage of the SQL Analytics

  • You are given access to historical data for carrying out a security performance
  • The analytics help to build firewall rules within a short time.
  • Reduces the time taken for trouble shooting

You can take advantage of the SQL based caching

  • You do not have to make any changes to the applications or databases.
  • You cache some of the popular queries at one single click utilizing the analytics
  • This is much faster than the usual servers.
  • You can use big cache to work with big databases

So follow the tips mentioned in the article so that you are able to use ScaleArc iDB to Boost Performance of WordPress