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Image Hosting JavaScript

Image Hosting JavaScript

Image hosting JavaScript allows user to host images of JavaScript file. Bloggers also want to use a custom template that requires external JavaScript file, but they are unable to host JavaScript or CSS file. The reason behind it is that Blogger only allows user to upload videos and images. This will be a limitation for users. Many bloggers will use Google Code for hosting purpose because it is free and simple to use. Google declared some depreciation on download options, so Google drive is better option to users for hosting purpose. To use Google Drive, users has to create a folder first, upload the required file and then modify the file sharing settings from “private” to “public”. Therefore, all files inside the folder will get similar sharing permissions.

Main factors of Image Hosting JavaScript
  1. Client-side Encrypted Image Host
  2. Quick start
  3. External Tools
  4. Public Server
  5. Technologies
  6. 1-click Automatic installation
Image Hosting JavaScript Services

This hosting provides Client side utilities like ShareX and upclient. ShareX is a famous image and screenshot uploader which is now combined with Up1 support. Whereas, upclient is a command-line tool which is used to upload the Up1 servers. In JavaScript, the cryptography is used in which data is encrypted fully. Some important points are:

Algorithm: In SJCL, the two algorithms are mentioned which are slower than CCM. So, this is being used in this hosting. The JavaScript on browser-side use SJCL for AES-CCM encryption. The audio and video players use HTML5 players which are built into browser.

Authentication: A trusted third party is authorized for users in crypto stuff in SJCL. In Google Drive, images are stored on websites and in email signatures. The hosting from Google Drive is easy by linking it directly to the image.

Reliability: Many web hosting companies deliver free features like bandwidth and 99% server uptime. All users are required to store HTML, JavaScript and CSS image files in public folder.

How to Choose Image Hosting JavaScript

Every owner of website wants fast web page loading and content loading for better Google search results in search rankings. All static parts of web pages are downloaded like scripts, CSS files, and images. The new term CDN is entered to reduce waiting time of users with high performance and availability. The CDN is a vast distributed system of servers installed in many data centers via internet. Some bloggers cannot afford CDN service, so all CDN does not come with price tag. Some CDN’s requires 5 minutes only to configure the setup and user can easily optimize his website.

There are some websites of Image Hosting JavaScript:

1. Firebase: This website is used to install mobile and web apps. There is a facility of SSL, CDN-backed and one-click installation provided in this hosting.
2. FunkyIMG: This website delivers free image hosting that allows user to upload images. The images are uploaded in many formats like .jpeg, .png, .jpg, .tiff and .tif.
3. Microsoft Ajax CDN: It delivers CDN system that hosts famous third-party authorized JavaScript like jQuery that enables user to add easily them into web applications.
4. JSDelivr: It provides free public CDN for hosting of jQuery plugins and javascript libraries. It involves all features like png or css. The most WordPress plugins are WP SlimStat. Many applications are hosted.

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