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Dedicated Web server Advantages

Advantages of Dedicated Web server

  1. The client has full authority and independence to access to the server.He can store or remove any software or language pack over it.
  2. Dedicated servers provide higher reliability, increased performance, greater security and exclusive use of the server, system and network resources to the client.
  3. Good for those who have large business requirements and have large amount of traffic.Also for those who need to open their servers for 24 hours in a day.
  4. These servers are capable of hosting multiple websites or domains.
  5. Powerful database support. The client has full access of database on this type of server.
  6. Strong software support. The client can install or upgrade any type of support on the server according to their need.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Web server:

  1. Dedicated servers are very costly among all types of web hosting services.
  2. Requires skilled persons to tackle the dedicated server.
  3. The server is the property of the service provider. The only thing that the company owns is the data.
  4. you do not have the option to change the host even if you are not satisfied with it.
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