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This increases the productivity substantially by simplifying things for the users. This also brings down the cost of operation and provides high level of computing security. This provides the users with internal facilities for computing. As a user you will have to keep in mind the user ID and the pass words to gain access to the various applications, the best thing is that you do not have to assign separate usernames and keywords. The users are given the liberty to update their profiles centrally; so they do not have to go to each application and update their information.

The security is really tight by enforcing central control over the computing resources. The security measures implement central detective and preventive measures. The preventive measures are for adding a central control over the computing resources; this also helps to enforce unified access to the branches of applications. Security privilege and security classification are all included in unified control. The users are usually divided into groups based on attributes like security privilege, status and rank. The central password setting can actually help in preventing unauthorized access. In fact IDSlot was the first to develop strategies to protect the internal applications.

The detective measures are meant for exercising central control over the resources that are used in computing. The centralized control for administration coves the activities are carried out during the supervision of managing the resources used in computing; resources like archiving, user transfer. The preventive measures that are taken ensure the separation of the duties that are to be performed b different people or a group of people. IDSlot also provides rotational duties to delay frauds. IDSlot provides the facility for termination and central recruitment for the Human Resource community who can register a brand new recruit and then the IT community can send applications to the brand new recruit. IDSlot also supervises irregular behaviors. IDSlot also provides quick emergency initiatives, contingency, disaster recovery and maintenance. Access to applications under maintenance is prohibited by IDSlot. The detective measures are very strong and can detect any abnormal behavior very quickly.

More about IDSlot

IDSlot is nothing but an open source management system that manages the identity. The PHP language is used to write this and then it is distributed as per the laws governed by the Open Software License. This was put together by implementing Codeigniter Framework. IDSlot is made of a set of procedures for increasing the visibility of a person over the internet. This is done by building a profile of the person concerned. The profile contains all the necessary information of a person in a very secure environment of course. You should start using IDSlot to connect with other people on the internet; with this you can display all your personal information to other people with whom you wish to connect and all of this takes place in a very secure atmosphere.

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