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Latest News And Web Hosting Review SingleHop

SingleHop : Company Overview

SingleHop is a leading provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service for businesses, enterprises around the world, Managed Hosting and Hosted Private Clouds. SingleHop brings collectively exclusive blend of award-winning proprietary automation engine and enterprise-class technologies from industry-leading vendors to deliver a customized infrastructure experience that is accessible on-demand for consumers.

In 2006, SingleHop was the only company that has automated its process for deploying exposed metal servers completely. It ranked at 3rd Position for the fastest growth in IT service firm. However, currently it has automated a lot that helps to save your money as well as time. It operates geographically around 10,000 servers across that are isolated State of the Art with the facilities of Tier III. SingleHop is providing its services in 124 plus countries including United States and Europe.

Data Center

Six strategically located data center facilities in North America and Europe

Headquarter: Chicago, Illinois

Establishment: 2006


Services Offered

Customers: SME`s

Number of Customers:

2,750 customers+

What for Customers?

Support: 24.7.365 white glove support

SingleHop Private Cloud Experts: All data center engineers and technicians are certified by Hyper-V, VMware and other technology providers. Customer base spanning over 140 countries. Trusted provider for over 5,000 customers consists of enterprises of all sizes. SingleHop Award-Winning Platform, services are delivered via proprietary platform that permits for rapid design and deployment of global IaaS.

Reliability and Uptime Report

This company has achieved the uptime of 100% last week. If you see its Analysis graph then you come to know that not a single domain was deleted or transferred away from SingleHop to other web hosts. Its Analysis graph also shows that the count of new registered domains was 6 with SingleHop. As per social media conversations and content it got positive response of 88.89% through its user. This company takes consideration on every possible point. Such as – Environment friendly process, so that it uses 30% less electricity.

Plan and Pricing

It has various Dedicated Server Plans and Cloud Hosting Plans. It does not take any setup fee. It offers On Demand Servers, Hosted Private Clouds and ColoPlus Colocation. It has fully managed servers with Hosting Service First for Azure. Its price is affordable as well as competitive too. It provides PCI and HIPAA Compliance, Disaster Recovery, Hybrid Cloud, Dedicated Environments and Backup facility.

Features and Control Panel supports you to design, manage and customize the solution of infrastructure at every step. It helps you to focus on your Business by saving your time in configuring, sourcing, and managing. By this your team will become free to focus on the growth of your business. offers lots of services, such as – Managed Load Balancers, Web and Application Servers, Database Servers, Firewalls, Virtual Servers, Backups and many more. If anyone is using a Linux operating system on the server then he used cPanel. And if using Windows then he used Plesk. It offers customized Control Panel.

Technical Support

As per, Service means not just only about support. It means a mindset. It is a promise of the company to offer Service First to their users. takes service in a serious manner. That is why they monitor the responses of each and every engineers and tech support employees. The company believes in Adaptive Best Effort. For some unfamiliar technique they do research to know more about that. offers the facility of tech support round the clock. It has support personnel who are specialized and dedicated service providers.


It offers the facility of billing as per the Hourly usage basis. It has SAN cloud storage, Custom control panel with Great security options. It has all these features still it is cheap in price.


The con of is its slow support system.

Conclusion: offers its services at low price with a great tech support. It is a leading company in providing cloud solutions not only for small but also for medium organizations. It has automated & powerful portal that helps to support and design optimal cloud environment. It offers customized control panel with customer satisfaction. It is worthy to spend your bucks on this Web Hosting Service.

Singlehop is an IT hosting company and services provider based in the USA. Singlehop provides bare metal dedicated servers, public and private clouds, and manages services to more than 4,000 clients in 114 countries and has voted among the fastest growing company in the USA in 2011. Singlehop operates on an infrastructure as a service business model, and the company provides dedicated servers, cloud servers, and managed hosting services to businesses and resellers. LEAP, the company’s management platform, allows clients to manage IT infrastructure such as bare metal servers and cloud products from a single platform.

Dedicated servers, virtual servers, and colocation, dedicated private cloud, virtual private cloud are some of the features of the company. The company has various add-on services such as system administration, backups, monitoring, and security and network services. Singlehop hosts both Windows and Linux operating system. The company provides a broad base of configurable VPS systems.

Few top features of their packages include an uptime guarantee of 100%. The company also provides 24/7 technical support through e-mail, phone, live chat support and help center live. Reseller plans for both dedicated and cloud hosting are available, and clients are free to white-label these as they see fit. Singlehop has packages starting from ₹ 10000/ month, with a minimum disk space of 2 TB and a minimum bandwidth of 10 TB.

Singlehop’s many guarantees speak volumes about the quality of its services, and its existing customers are too impressed with its services making Singlehop worth every penny you spend on a web hosting company.

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