The past decade and a half witnessed a significant growth of hosting industry. The businesses and individuals are coming online at much faster pace and being online, and becomes must factor for success. Out of the million-million of websites so far developed, WordPress usage is about 30% as per the survey of W3Techs.

The blogger, a blog-publishing service by Google, where, every person from the IT profession might have created its blog, until, might not have been able to give competition to WordPress. The reason could be much fewer templates, plugins and one major factor was SSL on 3-rd party domains. Now, as Google has started providing HTTPS available, things are going to change. Blogger is going to leave WordPress much behind the competition. It is an alarm for small web hosting companies also, as Blogger is free, trusted and secure.

Blogger with HTTPS Availability

From the least to highest attention, Blogger is not going to remain formality, to get backlinks. For most small businesses, it is going to become their only choice. It primarily happened due to the availability of SSL on the platform. Now, it is going to provide much speed individuals and SME's to be online and would gradually break the insularity of traditionally isolating business from the online world.

The domain industry is going to flourish, and it is a golden time for most of the registrars. The price for hosting a domain would remain, only the price of domain registration. Most individuals and small businesses are going to grab this opportunity and with their base skills, going to create their personalized websites with the tools provided. The younger generation with first-grade academic acumen would explore it further like professionals.

The developers and designers with fillip would welcome the move from Blogger. They create a website for individuals and businesses with different capacity and situations. They say most of the websites are like static, as content once added, won't change for a longer period, although such websites built on the same technology as used for the dynamic websites. For such market segment, now developers and designers don't have to take Reseller Hosting plans and pay monthly for them.

Even non-technicals can hone their skills to develop their online presence, representing their rudimentary business and come in the stream, which due to online business facing challenged.