Top 10 Free Image Hosting Sites

Top 10 Free Image Hosting Sites

User wants a lot of time to share information with friends on the website. Free image hosting is famous nowadays. With the evolution of mobile website, it has increased mobile browsing also. Although, an Instagram post or facebook album are not the real solution for users. In image hostings, images are designed fully by interface designer who develops the graphical user interface and work for company’s welfare. The images are designed for advertising purpose or for product branding. The packaging designs are also created for products and marketing purpose. The images leave a long lasting impact on users by the hosting website. The file formats are an essential feature for image uploading.

Image Hosting Factors

1. IPTC support
2. Tags/Keywords
3. File formats
4. Friendly URLs
5. RSS feeds
7. Notes/annotations

Image Hosting Services

Image hosting delivers reliable services through which a user can easily download or email the particular photo.

The following services provides are:

Picasa web albums: The images are uploaded in many formats like animated GIF, PNG and JPEG forms. The storage capacity of an image is 1 GB for large photos. The unlimited photos are uploaded having a fix resolution. The images are uploaded on browser, web albums, and Picasa platform. The structure of an album is in flat form.

Shutterfly: The image is stored in JPEG format only. The albums stored are flat albums. The keywords are implemented via desktop app. It is uploaded on the Flash batch platform.

How to choose Image Hosting Services

Free image hosting facilitates the user to implement various keywords on the image. The user-friendly URLs are available which human readable URLs vs numeric identifiers. The updates of photos will be sent by mail to the non-registered members. The following points are important for this hosting:

Rating: In this process the ability which provides rate to the photos numerically which scale from 1 to 5 is called star-rating. This will be provided by each and every website. The quality of an image will be easily measured on behalf of this rating.

Subscriptions: Some RSS feeds and web interface are available. The “pro” members are allowed only to download their photos.

The top 10 free image hosting websites are available which are as follows:
  1. 500px: It is a very famous social networking site for photograph uploaders which are looking to share their outstanding photos. The maximum storage of photos is 500px.
  2. ImageShack: This website provides an excellent platform for uploading photos. It is a great interface similar look like Pinterest as images are in pinboard-style layout.
  3. Dropbox: This website is a free cloud storage provider which is used in distinct file formats apart from these photos. The shareable link is provided to a single image or multiple images to share with other people.
  4. PostImage: It is a very simple website that delivers free image hosting for lifetime and has a facility for adult content also.
  5. Tinypic: It is a website that gives users a fast service to upload the photos without creating a logging account.
  6. Photobucket: This website provides a facility for user to store the photos that allow user to buy and create photos prints that should be uploaded.
  7. Google Photos: These are the most useful resources of photos developed mainly for automatic backup of photos. A free google photos app is downloaded automatically to upload the photos with the devices that will be synced to the user’s account.
  8. Imgur: The images are uploaded in very elegant quality in this website. There is no need to sign up the user’s account. The images are shared on social networking site via peculiar URL.
  9. Flickr: This website is the oldest photo sharing website. It provides photo editing tools to give enhanced looks to the photos before placing them into their albums.
  10. Free Image Hosting: This is the topmost website without having a stylish layout or a hyperlink.