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Pravasi Bharatiya Divas concludes today with a plenary session on “Indian Diaspora’s role in capacity building of artificial intelligence in India”

On the third and final day of the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas event at Varanasi, several important issues were taken up in the plenary session. One such important discussion was on “INDIAN DIASPORA'S ROLE IN CAPACITY BUILDING OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN INDIA”. The experts emphasized making artificial intelligence (AI), a supplementing tool for the service of humanity instead of taking away and replacing the human role itself. Experts also focussed on building strong fundamentals in maths as it is the very building block of computing in general and developing AI in particular. Experts from the USA, Canada, and Australia also said there is a huge potential in the Sanskrit language to be used in advanced computing and paving way for AI.

Ritesh Tandon from CRISIL USA advised that since India has a huge challenge in the field of food distribution among its people, the adapted AI may come in handy in the field. While Suresh Upmadharan said India can use Artificial intelligence and drones to mitigate deforestation and seeding the barren lands to turn them into green fields. He elaborated on such advances being made in the US through his company.

Several delegates of PBD 2019 were more than willing to share their technology and expertise to help the farming sector in a big way. As most of the Indian farmers can not afford to purchase the advanced equipment related to “Precision Agriculture”, which has become routine in developed countries, venture capitalists and firms expressed willingness to do it for farmers on a large scale through Government of India sponsorship.

The session was attended by senior officials of the IT ministry, NITI Ayog, MEA, and experts of several other sectors. MoS of MEA Gen VK Singh presided over the session and also answered the queries of the participants.

Source: Press Release
Release ID: 1561158
PIB Delhi
Ministry of Culture
Date: January 23, 2019

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