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Go For Reseller Hosting Business

To create a Web hosting business by reselling accounts that are provisioned in a reseller Web hosting data center. While there are many details that are required to be successful in any business.So how can we go for reselling business?

Reselling Web Hosting -: Get an Exceptional Domain Name. It may be obvious to us, but having the proper domain for our Web hosting venture is critical to our success. Why? There are two basic reasons: branding (recall) and search engine optimization.

To sell Web hosting to our prospects, they first have to be able to find us. That is, they have to know that we offer Web hosting accounts for sale.

The most common form of online research is the ubiquitous search engine.

There are really only 2 that matter In order to come up on the first few pages of any relevant search for Web hosting related keywords, it is imperative that our domain name contain some form of that

We can prove this to yourself by conducting a search for the keyword, ‘hosting’ at Google. We will notice that many of the top results contain the word ‘host’ or ‘Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans – CPWebHosting’ in the domain name. It simply gives us an advantage in search rankings.

where to get such a name? We can go to a good domain search sites and see if there is a name that has not yet been registered.

The chances of a great, short, memorable name being available are low so you can increase the odds of getting a great name in two ways: get a domain that is expiring or buys a name from the present owner.

There are many great names that are expiring each day – that is, the current owner has not renewed the domain by paying the yearly registration fees.

Sometimes the owner forgets, sometimes they lose interest – in any event, we can snag a great name if we are willing to do some research.

Reselling Web Hosting-: Finding and Setting up a Great Web Hosting Reseller Account.Unless we want to set up our own domain registration process, get connectivity from major bandwidth providers, and have a warehouse full of high-end computers – we’ll want to get a reseller account from an established supplier.

How's reseller Can Protect their Customer Base

As a reseller, we encounter a variety of challenges to the health of our business every day. Spam, stretched resources, razor thin profit margins, hackers, phishers, and, of course, competitors all pose challenges to our business.So how's resellers catch their customer?

In some ways, our own parent registrar also competes with us, although not purposefully so. This quiet competition is frequently a function of the structure of the registrar’s relationship.

In fact, the very design of the reseller registrar relationship leads our registrar to communicate with our end-users. There are steps we can take, though, to tend to our customer base.

There’s no need for paranoia among resellers that their registrars are trying to steal from them. In fact, no data exists to suggest that registrars taking business from their resellers is a big problem.

Registrars who sell domains wholesale and retail are inherently in competition with their resellers. We’re both in the business of selling and managing domains.

Most of the retail registrars are no longer simple domain companies. Domains have become the hook for selling hosting, email and other more lucrative services. These service offerings used to be more the province of resellers.

Our registrar likely enjoys several major advantages over us. In general, it has a larger marketing budget, stronger brand awareness, more overall resources, and can offer domains more cheaply than us.

Our registrar also has two other huge advantages: our customers often turn to them directly for support, and our registrar routinely contacts our end-users to send domain renewal notices and other legitimate information. This often prompts the end-user to contact the registrar for one reason or another.

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