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Facts about fog computing

When we talk about fog computing we basically mean that the computing works with network end rather than using a central cloud or a hosting cloud. This is basically a sophisticated technique of providing computing services in the field of IT.

Fog computing is responsible for dealing with problems that come up in cloud computing such as reduced speed by not forwarding every single piece of information through the various cloud channels. Experts have stated that this is very helpful in lowering cost in the long term. This is able to stretch the cloud computing to the very edge of networks to address the various services and applications that are not fitting into the paradigm because of some problems with the infrastructures or the technicalities.

Some of them are as listed below

The distinction between Fog computing and cloud computing

A little bit of cloud computing will be enough to understand the difference with fog computing. Cloud computing is basically the additional assistance that is provided by the service providing company in completing the various computing operations. This is a very good method of utilizing the various resources for the different computing operations. This deviates from the conventional method of using own resources or devices. You will never come across any synchronized form of cloud computing since there are no set rules for joining the desired the systems.

The various uses of fog computing

There are some well-known technology companies that are considered to be the driving force behind all aspects related to fog computing and their link with LOT. In today’s world, you will find thousands of devices present in any office or any data center but it is predicted that a couple of years down the line the numbers could explode. All the buzz surrounding the Fog is related with LOT. All devices from a thermostat to engines in cars are been given web intelligence; which basically means that the user end computing could turn out to be very important in the near future. Below are listed certain examples that could turn into reality some day.

What is the future of Fog computing?

So follow all the tips mentioned in the article to get a good idea of fog computing.

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