Forum Image Hosting

There are BBCode, direct image links and HTML links which are available for social media and forums. The uploaded picture has a facility of drag and drop for online use. The photos are considered with private and public folders. If any user wants to post his images or self-hosted images on blog posts, then it will be a good choice for him. There are many different ways in which a user can easily insert an image within a post. A unique way in forum host is to make attachment system or to link image that user want to be hosted. A user can easily link an image from other hosting provider and from services such as Imgur, ImageShack, and Photobucket.

Main factors of Forum Image Hosting

1. Direct URL to image.
2. Storage capacity is high.
3. Proper equipment is used.
4. Excellent speed provided by web hosting provider.
5. Reliability

Forum Image Hosting Services

There are number of people who can download and send information to the server. Most companies provide chargeable bandwidth to the user. The excellent bandwidth will be gained by the user. The numbers of services provided are:

Dropbox: It bears different number of outstanding mobile apps that is used to manage or upload the image which can be shared from a personal device. If anybody is offline or don’t have an internet access, then he can tap the arrow nearby its any file name. The maximum size of image storage is 3,000 KB per photo.
Tinypic: It provides outstanding fast service to clients. There is no requirement of account logging. The image can be easily uploaded and shared by users.

How to choose Forum Image Hosting

In Forum Image Hosting, the user will get direct URL link of an image which is going to be published. The link will be ended with a file format of an image like .gif, .png, .jpg and others. User can embed direct URL from any shared options while viewing the image. Whenever user will gain direct URL then he will attach to the post, click on reply button to an already present thread or design a new thread to take the posting page.

There are websites of forum image hosting which are as follows:

1. ImageTitan: The image is hosted on fast speed of dedicated servers which are perfect solution for easy, quick and reliable hosting. All the desired pictures are uploaded. The facility of one-click EZ upload is available. It is used to upload 100 images by push button. The FTP software is available.
2. Smugmug: This website can be easily updated and improved as per requirement. It provides many features like outstanding tools, modern designs, customization of website’s photo design. Nowadays, this website gives built-in tools so that user can easily design the templates and images.
3. Google + Photos: This website delivers numerous tools for snapshot management whenever a user will upload the image from his any android or iOS device. The backup facility of data is provided by this website. The images will be stored to enhance the look of the website.
4. 500px: It is most famous social networking site where user can share his photos. The profile is created to for displaying their outstanding work without having any comments and ratings.