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Linux Web Hosting

Linux platform is the popular hosting provider than Unix and Windows platform because of the balance between maintenance and cost. Web hosting providers do not need to afford a costly license of the databases and the OS, PistgreSQL and MySQL are free. Linux hosting has been there for more than 15 years and has introduced various projects developed on PHP, content management blog, forum and photo gallery, MySQL blog, eCommerce and more.

These projects are best option for non-technical users who plan to develop their websites. As compared to the projects developed on PHP plus MySQL can run efficiently in Windows OS, but Linux are 30% cheaper. Linux platform is simple and easier on maintenance, and hosting companies can significantly save labor cost. Moreover, their plans are best choice in most cases. Linux hosting provider should offer timely and expert assistance. Most hosting providers offer a toll-free number and several other ways to contact them. Furthermore, reliable Linux web host offers return on investment and add value to the business.

Best Linux Hosting: Qualities

Every Linux hosting company should include following features:

Linux Distributors:

There are up to 100 Linux distributors over the net. Debian and CentOS are in demand.

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