As the name indicates, cheap dedicated web hosting provides one server for each account. Dedicated web hosting is one kind of web hosting where one or more servers are committed to a single client. Web host offers the server for the clients and hence clients acquire those servers for lease. Therefore, web host provides the server machine, connectivity, required software and operating system to run the server. This type of hosting enables users with the freedom of choosing their own software. Hence, customers who have outgrown their shared hosting limits and still require more, prefer for this service. In fact, it is very flexible as the server administration is provided by the web host. With this hosting option, one can gain the benefits like reliability, flexibility, total control and security without having to work for it.

The most important factor related with dedicated servers is Security, and server security can be customized with the help of software or branded hardware firewall. Absolute server privileges enable the user to make any changes in terms of service that run within your dedicated server.

Dedicated Server hosting is represented as supreme selection of servers. Every individual server is logged by developed grade infrastructure which has an ensured maximum uptime. Some dedicated server providers comprises of service level agreement which is related to network uptime. 100& uptime guaranteed network is offered by some providers, whereas, the usual uptime is given between 99-100% for a best quality provider.

Types of Dedicated Servers : Dedicated hosting are classified into two categories

  1. Managed dedicated server hosting
  2. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting

Characteristics of dedicated web hosting

Server Privacy: When a dedicated server is purchased, a private server with a dedicated IP address is provided, whereas, other hosting type’s shares the server with many websites. This creates an option of violating privacy and unsecured position.

Advanced Support: The best support for websites is offered by dedicated web hosting. Lot of administrative barrier is certainly faced with online businesses. In those case, dedicated hosting helps to overcome such difficulties with proficient support. Round-the-clock service provided by dedicated hosting fix the problems at any time encountered in the system.

Sever management: Access granted to customize server control panel such as rebooting and upgrading request.

Cheap Dedicated web hosting services allows a business to obtain fast, reliable and low cost internet hosting, supported by top server hardware. Server reboot and hardware replacement in the case of failure are offered by certain companies. Furthermore, there are some top cheap dedicated web hosting providers that offer 24/7 monitoring service for checking the network availability on the server. Before registering with a hosting company, it is very important to plan for the required budget and what is needed to be effective in the selected website. While doing own ecommerce sites or other sites that receives a large amount of traffic, then it will be more compatible and economical in the long run to utilize dedicated server hosting.

The benefits of Dedicated web hosting services:-

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Dedicated hosting environment
  • Fast and Powerful
  • Flexibility
  • 99.5% network uptime SLA
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Speed performance

Dedicated web hosting has entire benefit that suits and satisfies the online business owner’s expectations. Though, it is expensive when compared to other hosting plans, to make an effective and efficient display of business worldwide, try to make out with a good choice of hosting plan which can be of dedicated hosting.