An Introduction to Green IT

A recent survey has revealed that the presence of Green IT has disappeared a lot today but it cannot be said that has been wiped off from the face of the earth.

The presence of Green IT in today’s world

A couple of years in the past there were many organizations that were involved in Green IT. These organizations worked very hard in getting a message through to the people that reducing the amount of energy can help us cut down on our carbon footprints in the long run which means that we can do less damage to the environment. In the recent times Green IT has been getting little or no visibility in the newspapers. However, it does not mean that it has disappeared but people have diverted their attention to other

So is Green IT a hype or Reality

There have been countless debates over this has been going on for quite some time not but the truth is that Green IT is quite a challenge more than a hype. Green IT urges the various data centers to utilize energy in a more efficient manner, but coincidently more and more organizations are going in for cloud services so the various data centers have to tap into more power which also contradicts the very principles of the Green IT.

Green IT over Cost & Quality

Now if we take into consideration the instances of Green IT or green marketing some important factors like quality and cost and the principles of Green IT has to be taken into consideration at all times. It is observed that if a customer does not find what he or she is looking for then they tend to look at other options. Now if the principles of Green IT interfere with the profit agenda of the company then the whole thing becomes a bit unsustainable.

Green IT focuses on Success

  • For Green IT to be successful you have to think of the various green benefits you want your customers to enjoy in the long run. So this basically means that you have to take the environmental factors into consideration at all times. You also should be able to create that is very unique to grab the attention of the customers.
  • You should be very specific about what the Green IT really means for your company and the benefits that you intend to offer to the customers, in short, you should be able to explain things really well. You also have to consider the kind of message you want to send out to the customers whether individuals or a particular community. You have to consider the sustainability of the entire project on a long-term basis.

So at the end of everything, we can come to the conclusion that Green IT has not been written off completely, as we all know that it is very important that it is very important to care about the environment. So we should curb the usage of electronic devices as much as we can.