A lot of dedicated hosting companies offer cheap packages that don't come with technical support. Some also offer packages that come with a pay-per-use technical assistance plan, or a one-time payment plan (you pay when you need help). The question is: do you save money by opting for a plan that doesn't include technical support?

Here are five times that you'll need (and be glad you have) technical support.

1. Crash, bang, boom! Your site is down. Nothing you can do will start it up again. You can't figure it out, and that remote reboot option isn't working. Now what? You guessed it: call technical support.

2. Hack attack: If your site gets hacked into, there might be tiny you can do about it. But, a hosting company that has a support team ready to help you out can be a huge godsend.

3. The site didn't move correctly: This is a big complaint. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your site just isn't working the way it used to. Sometimes, tech support can help here.

5. What the?! When those moments happen that just make no sense at all, you have to have someone you can call. It is a job for a dedicated and seasoned tech support team.

But, Not Getting Tech Support Is Cheaper!

Sure, but is it worth the cost? I'm going to go out on a limb and say: no. You never actually save when you try to do it the cheap way. It is true when choosing the most affordable hosting package you can find, and it's also true when it comes to opting out of tech support. The chances are that you will need some help along the way, and that means that you'll have to pay the extra bucks. It's that simple.

Best Dedicated Hosts With Good Support

It's hard to find a good host with equally good tech support, but it does exist (just like Santa). We recommend taking a look at what the hosting giant GoDaddy has to offer.

Anyone of these companies will give you the best of both worlds: great dedicated hosting and awesome support. What more could you ask for?