Lack of space is a crucial concern these days for various news and other channels. As for images, videos and several other data to upload requires a lot of space, but how can we get more space to cope up with them, best recommend option is cluster hosting, and it provides large space and offers business superior uptime compared to another hosting.

As the name suggests, cluster means a group of similar things that work together.

It is an independent server interconnected through a dedicated network to work as one centralized data processing resources. It is capable of performing multiple tasks by distributing workload across all connected servers.

Cluster hosting

Cluster hosting means distributing the website across multiple servers. Each server performs multiple tasks so one for blogging, one for own individual task, one for databases.

A host server, which takes over another, configuring host is a cluster host. It inherent the danger of single point of failure and increases the efficiency of network resources.

This is a host machine which supports various operating systems.When the physical machine under maintenance to support all guest operators, it configures itself. Which leads to eliminate single point failure.It is also beneficial in load balancing.Website availability and other services beyond of single server hosting. A cluster platform can stagger restart services while the machine is upgraded.

Clustering improves the systems availability to users, its aggregate performance, and overall tolerance to faults and component failure. It is very similar to cloud hosting there is a minute difference between these two. Sometimes people also get confused. Cluster means a group of the computer connected to a local network, but cloud hosting is more wide scale and can be geographically distributed.

Advantages of a cluster hosting

  • It gives stability, security, and reliability over a website because it spread its services to multiple servers.This basically means when one specific website or server fails the remaining servers within the same cluster can reserve the data.
  • This also decreases the traffic or we can say distribution of traffic from one website to other servers.
  • In case of website crash, you never have to panic because the customer still able to access that website and sales remain the same.
  • It is very important in maintaining online business because keeping clients and their satisfaction is the root of any business.
  • A speed of your website increases as there are multiple servers interlinked to your websites but demand will be equally divided between the servers.

Disadvantages of a cluster hosting

It totally depends on the scale of a website that is being used for.

  • Very expensive: If you have a small budget then this is not the package for you.The main reason why it is so much expensive because of the total amount of server that is required to run, maintain cluster and keep it online.
  • Not flexible: Not support all type of server.


Cluster hosting entirely depends on whether your website receives too much traffic or not for one individual server. If the server crashes it, absolutely damage your business, so cluster hosting is the way forward.