Nowadays, everyone wants to have their presence online to their blogs or own personal website. For this, there are various hosting companies in the market and their price ranges from expensive to cheap according to the features provided by them. Hosting today is not only innovative but imperative with the presence of e-commerce, e-business, and e-communities. Today websites are

Hosting today is not only creative but essential with the presence of e-commerce, e-business, and e-communities. Today websites are dynamic, so everybody looks for the web to host connectivity at lower prices. In addition to that, they also want the web to host solution and technologies to security, server network, and server management usage.

Mainly this cheap web hosting is preferred by the small business firms and small groups. The increase of website on the internet has grown the number of cheap web-hosting providers and servers.

Some factors considered before selecting any cheap web hosting company. Cheap web hosting has both advantages and disadvantages. Even though it has many disadvantages, many firms and groups are hosting their websites on such servers. Cheap web hosting is useful for the people who want to control and manage their website in affordable price.

Merits of cheap web hosting

  • Regarding affordability, it is affordable for the small business groups to gain more visibility on the internet and reaching out to the new internet world.
  • A further feature is the provided amount of disk space and bandwidth. The space provided is more than enough to the small organizations to have their website up and running.
  • Most of the cheap web hosting providers offer Linux or Windows operating system, that is best in use.
  • Technical support is available. Customer service is also provided by these affordable web hosting service, available to 24/7 for answer your question and also provides the solution of any problem regarding the site.

These merits provide an ideal hosting solution for the smaller websites.

Demerits of cheap web hosting

  • The main disadvantage of cheap web hosting is the security measures. Most of the companies use the shared hosting where there is no guarantee of data and information of the website.
  • Since rates are less in cheap web hosting, then the services offered are of low quality.
  • Little technical support- sometimes due to a breakdown of the server, providers is not able to fix the problem immediately.

These are some points that can help to the people to choose a web hosting company, according to their requirement of different organizations.