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Top 10 Image Hosting Websites

Top 10 Image Hosting Websites

Image Hosting provides facility to upload appropriate images to the server. Some companies offer this service on various dedicated Linux servers. The bandwidth of the dedicated server is accessible to users at free of cost. The field is to be delivered to upload a number of photos as per the requirement of a user. Firstly, a user has to click on Browse option to select the image that user want to host with the company. After this click on upload button to pass the image file on web server. After completion of uploading process, a user will get a code to copy and paste into their blog or email.

Image Hosting Factors

1. Usability
2. File encryption on the server
3. Email services and creation of an email address
4. Bandwidth and storage capacity is good.
5. Usability like website customization.

Image Hosting Services

Image hosting delivers different features like instant messaging, email marketing, email stationery, RSS news feeds and free email accounts. There are some image hosting services which are mention below:

1. This website has storage of 2 MB image having a pixel size of 3000×3000 px. This site delivers free image hosting that allows a user to upload their images. It provides more convenient code to the user and image can be posted on forums, eBay and Myspace.

2. This website provides a tagline to the user which can be added to image easily. The image is of 2048×2048 px which is hosted on a server.

How to choose Best Image Hosting: Features

A user will share images and also insert in their own emails. The photos and signature images will be uploaded to the free hosting site in which links will be sent by email. Online image hosting websites allow users to upload and store photos safely. A user can easily share his photos with his family members, friends by sending the particular link of an album and thus a digital scrapbook is also created. The following factors also effect on image hosting which are:

1. Multimedia features: By using an online image hosting a blog is created which is very important. This is valuable for sharing photos with family and friends.
2. Easy to use: This type of website is very famous. Each and every person likes it. Some special features are also added to photo editing options that provide easy life to a user.
3. Help and Support: There is a support section while using online image hosting website. The facility of live support is easily available to a user to solve the required problems.
4. Print and Additional product options: It is a place where a user can easily store and share his photos and videos. Many websites are available that allow a user to design photographs prints. In addition to this, a user can also create his personal gifts like posters, canvas, postcards and others.

The top 10 image hosting websites are:

1. Imgur: it is a free hosting service which is easy to use.
2. Photobucket: User will get tools for making images.
3. FreeimageHosting: Images are stored in all formats.
4. ImageShack: Images can be resized easily.
5. Xtupload: There is a facility to add border and watermark.
6. imageVenue: JPEG format is available only.
7. TinyPic: Images can be uploaded easily.
8. Smumug: Images can be updated and improved easily.
9. Img Safe: It is available with unlimited bandwidth and storage.
10. Imgup: The thumbnails and image albums are stored.

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