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Secure Search Engine Searches

Most popular search engines or directories we know are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube. Even have started saying ‘Google It' instead of search on Google or any other search engine. These search engines maintain big-data of searches, locations, time and other details to customer user search experience. We not to forget they use this data to deliver targeted advertisements. Its well established that Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo share data with the government. This doesn't make us wary as what if they are sharing the details. The search utility has become so big that monitor of your searches does not seems to be a big issue. What they can do if they passively track your activity, although they are big brands. Using the cookies, scripts they collect a lot of information even without making the user aware of it.

The website owners or webmasters use Google Analytics to track visitor's activity.

Block Trackers – Secure Search Engine Searches

Purge Search History


You don't want your future searches influenced by your past searches or want to scrub old quests existence.

Google: Go to My Account Page

Personal Info & Privacy -> Manage Your Google Activity -> My Activity -> Go To my Activity

Delete individual entries or Use Delete Activity By from left menu and use Delete by topic or product

(October 25, 2019) Google announced that it has started using an artificial intelligence system developed in its research labs, BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). It would help to answer conversational English-language queries, initially from US users and give users better responses to their searches. It looks at the text and consider how each word relates to others in a sentence, whether those other words are in front of it or behind it.


Sign in -> Click menu button (three horizontal lines on top right) -> Search History -> View and Delete Search History
A new Privacy page on the Microsoft website appears
Click View to clear search history, Clear activity, and then Clear.

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