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WPS Office Free formerly Kingsoft Office

Its features include:

  • Available for Linux, Windows, Mobile Devices (Android, and iOS)
  • Writer – efficient word processor
  • Presentation -Multimedia presentations creator
  • Spreadsheets – Powerful tool for data processing and analysis
  • 100% compatible with MS Office document file types (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx, etc.).
  • Free Templates: Thousands of free document templates to create word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to save users' time.
  • Support for managing shared documents and documents received from browsers or communication software.
  • New interaction design brings smoother document management experience.
  • New document: Quickly create new documents in four formats by right-clicking the WPS Office icon in the taskbar.
  • Built-in PDF reader.
  • WPS Cloud Storage included.
  • WPS Office changelog
  • Support for QR code login
  • Startpage
  • Send to computer: Support sending documents from mobile phones to the computer.
  • The Cloud font: support for downloading online fonts.
  • Performance Improvement & program stability
  • Compatible with Mendeley plugin.

Microsoft Teams for Linux

Microsoft’s first Office app arrives on Linux desktop in native Linux packages in .deb and .rpm formats with supporting all of Teams’ core capabilities.
Microsoft is also developing a new Fluid Framework, which takes the idea of documents and turns them into a cloud app that multiple people can contribute to graphs, tables, text, and more.


  • go-to, pre-installed office suite on Linux
  • Free software
  • version 6.4 includes QR code generation and do include the ability to insert QR codes into any document. It lets users enter a hyperlink (or any text) and generate a QR code with four options for complexity.
  • Endnotes are shown on the last page of text as opposed to on a separate page
  • Table-editing controls added to the Writer sidebar
  • Full sheet previews for spreadsheets: Let's user to specify an entire sheet on one page in PDF export with “shrink to fit” option
  • OpenDocument Format (ODF) but is also compatible with Microsoft Office formats.
  • SmartArt: Import and export correctly, as gradient backgrounds in PowerPoint.


It is the limited version of Softmaker’s premium office suite. It's free but not open source. Softmaker in an agreement with Manjaro Linux enabled FreeOffice users to save in Microsoft Office specific formats like DOC, XLS, PPT.