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Free Image Hosting Sites

Free Image Hosting Sites

If you are looking for popular and unique free image hosting and sharing websites, we have mentioned some of those sites with features. This may help you to take wise decision that will support you to create your work of image uploading simple and easier. Most people will tell you that using free image hosting to host your website images is the same as free hosting overall.

Benefits of using free image hosting include- save bandwidth particularly if you publish multiple images and can speed up your site. On the other hand, free image hosting includes some cons as well. You will get less control over the images; services may delete images or cancel your account. Moreover, this free hosting is less reliable.

Most of image hosting websites provide both free and paid service. But here we will discuss about free image sharing and uploading. To enjoy free service, mostly sites need visitor to open an account at their websites. Few sites such as TinyPic, Fotki, Baying and ImageShack, clients can upload and share images without opening any account or registration. Apart from this, there are some restrictions regarding storage space. But some sites offer unlimited storage and space. Generally, through unlimited storage, you can upload pictures as many as you want within limited resources.

Let’s discuss the top free image hosting sites for getting photos online content:

Images are way to express online content. They divert visitors and readers mind and develop search engine optimization when used with right keywords and significant content. Most pictures are not free to use. However, you can find a number of free hosting sites where you can search images related to your content for free.

Imgur is a free image hosting site where you get access to thousands of free images. Through this site, you will get free membership and can also upload your own pictures. Most common images available on Imgur include artwork, humorous images and comics.

TinyPic is another free image hosting site. It does not require membership to search or upload images. Uploaded image on TinyPic is totally free to use and most common image available on this site includes sports pictures, holidays, quote and celebrities images.

Morguefile is a stock photography site where clients upload and download images. Customers can create an account on MorgueFile and get access to their customized and archive files. Most common categories of pictures included on this site are holidays, people, business, objects, and nature.

PhotBucket is an image hosting website for getting URLs and HTML codes for uploaded images. This is one of the biggest image hosting site over the internet. Pictures that are uploaded in this site are free for distribution. Clients can search from over 40 categories and 100 of subcategories included in PhotoBucket. Most popular categories for images include fashion, art, illustration, love, pets, and animals.

Flickr is also popular social networking site. Clients can upload images and videos as well. On this site, you can create an account and upload profile picture. In addition, you can make content private and unavailable for download. Choosing pictures from Flickr are not copyrighted and are free to download.

Free Image Hosting:
This site doesn’t require you to open any account or to be a member to upload photos. Free image hosting site provides photo printers, Photoshop elements and photo albums available with their featured products section. The beauty of this site is that it runs on various servers to bring maximum amount of free pictures for the customers.

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