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Importance – About Link Building

About Link BuildingBefore understanding the importance of backlinks, I think the first one must understand the concept of the term. Backlinks are the links which are incoming to the web pages within a site or website. According to the terminology, it is a link which is received by one web node from the other web node. Backlinks are also termed as inbound links, inward links, incoming links, and in links. They are mostly talking in the context of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO – About Link Building

Now you may want to know what SEO is. So, SEO is considered as a process by which visibility of the web page or website gets affected in the search engine results. When you search any info via the search engine on the web, the websites which appear on the top or more frequently in the search results gets more visitors, which leads to more sales and thus more revenue. Thus, SEO plays an important role in showing your website in the search engine results.

Now if you want your website to gain high rank on search engine, then some factors need to be considered. It is essential that your Meta tags and content should be in line with the reciprocal links and percentages with positive density.

Before proceeding further, I like to clear you all the meaning of the term “Reciprocal links”.

In the field of SEO, a reciprocal link is a contract signed between the two webmasters with the purpose of offering a hyperlink within their respective websites to each other’s website. It shows the partnership between the two websites and thus it allows the users to quickly access the related website. Reciprocal links and backlinks are similar to each other.

Next, on the basis of the most relevant feature which is a backlink or a reciprocal link, Google performs a mathematical equation on your website and then put a numeric value on it; a number is assigned to your website which decides your rank in the listing of the search engine results. Both the links convey the same thing i.e. your website must have the good and high rank in the list as the users or visitors accordingly judge your website, its value, what it offers and accordingly they offer a link to your site, to the Google engine.

And in turn of this, a closed loop can be kept by you by favoring other websites and this can be done by the backlink extended. And it leads to the development of a connection of a solid network.

Authority Backlinks – About Link Building

Link Building a part of digital marketing was the smartest option to generate massive traffic. But, as Google changes its policy, it is not safe. Hence, most online businesses who partnered with SEO technology service providers are looking for alternatives. As now, most of the professionals in online industry has started saying that ‘SEO is Dead.'
Most businesses, to promote a website, are now not looking for an economical way, instead, want to go with quality services. Website Promotion is must for greater brand visibility, which helps to boost return on investment (ROI). Google consider authoritative backlinks while ranking websites in searches.

Google wants to see the interconnection and thus reward your site for its better planning. But with this, there are some limitations of the equation. With some changes, the website to which you are affiliated with, you may find that its web pages are deleted by mistake or its hyperlink gets removed.

Now here Google robot plays an important role when it checks your site and if there is any dead link then it indicates that you are not concerned for your website and then it decides to punish you by assigning low points to your website.

If you are interested in knowing the present value assigned to your site, then first download the Google toolbar and then search your website by typing its name in the box given in URL and you see that Google web search is performed. Google will visit your site i.e. your home page first after reading its complete URL. You will see a rank of your website which is between 1 to 10 on the toolbar. 1 means that your site is least visited and 10 means that there is a high traffic generated on it for 24*7.

Google engine can be kept happy with us also if we maintain the balance of our website with other websites with whom we are sharing the links. Now note if any company is added to you which is not Google-friendly, it shows that they have no backlinks thus you are also in danger zone as now you may also lose some points.