Going through portfolio series, user notice same pattern of poor design cropping up time and again. Analyzing mistakes and trying to fix.


In a technical age of social networks and blogs, for not having a professional portfolio there is no excuse. A user has to present in such a way that he can be found easily by people and multiple social networks, will be a hunt to get an aspect of work. There is no scarcity of great portfolio services so anyone can get great portfolio website builder. Many simple steps are there to set up and are optimized to show work. Good services are there providing great plans.


Designers like to feature a large tagline that fails to attract finally. Rather than a feature of something that person stated about anyone. Someone is not pressurized to read same things many times rather give them proof that is sufficient to disclose potential.


Although web host is living in a scenario in which micro people tend to be attracted, anyone can't say more by observing medium-sized screenshot. One needs a big image, which has 100% easy movement in terms of navigation from one image to next.

Stick screenshots in a lightbox, rather changing portfolio's layout or heck link to image files. A full-size image in an empty web browser, a user had rather look than a cropped image in a busy page. Good size options are offered by websites for photographers.


According to thinking of anyone, using tiny thumbnails look smart minimalist and post-modern but actually, it is not important. One has to give proportionately sized images along with captions.


A profile will be made with proper highlights and marks. For all projects avoid using a single screenshot. A good designer should be a good communicator and a bad impression can't bear by him having a portfolio stuck on mute. A question is asked: On this project when did you work and its effect on a client are good? From any place was it reviewed?


Make profile look formal. Three to four projects have to be checked by average client probably. So, ten best projects should be kept and everything else will be thrown out. Though, it is a difficult task but must be carried out. As a photographer selecting simple, functional themes will help anyone to set up photography portfolio.

Although it is extremely difficult to have consistent focus simultaneously at all technical designing and consistent focus on a portfolio. Read testimonial of those who made some great professional website builders. A user will also have to refuse if he wants to be great and can focus on a portfolio in one direction. Therefore, one should be focused on showcasing through his portfolio.