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Concepts Fading  due to News Democratization

  • Mass Communication
  • One size fits all

Capture Loyalty of Readers – News Democratization

News DemocratizationNew individual experiences where media serve people or communities accordingly with their interest and preferences. Content creators or curators customize the content to facilitate their online readers. To do so, they are collecting, analyzing and interpreting the user's insights. They are keeping track of the user's location, activity, actions, sharing, conversations, responses, and network. Further, they collect likes, dislikes, online purchased items, vendors. After researching and analyzing all the mentioned matrices they serve customized information to the readers based on relevance, usefulness, and interest.

Online Media Platform – News Democratization

The media while enabling information or news utilization providing the platform and tools to engage readers to communicate and collaborate. Further enabling them to share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. The audiences search Google and other search engines for their personalized information needs. Also, storytelling or news is consumed more through the social media rather than trivial mass communication medium.

Amazing! people are powered to produce news, which they called it as the democratization of news. Some intellectuals are worried as it has lead to a generation of fake news or uncontrolled flow of news. It is decentralized and not in monopoly.

The Internet has impacted and transformed the world, where each has the power of knowledge in hands. The news which was in scarce is now available in abundance. Gaining computer knowledge is now essential for everybody. The media houses are also preferring the technical savvy journalists who can understand the online news dynamism. With technology advancements, the role of designers has also increased in providing creativity to digital media.

The online news is disseminated using slides, videos, podcasts, bites, A/V forums, and blogs. With this maximum outreach, engagement, impact, and collaboration can be achieved.

Advertisements – News Democratization

The trivial media was largely dependable on the advertisements. The companies or businesses now have more options available to advertise their services or products. This is one of the factors of fading out of most of the newsrooms. The advertisers are finding the online channels cheaper and targeted. Furthermore, the advertisement industry has also become quite unpredictable.