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Image Hosting Google

Image Hosting Google

Google is a very popular image hosting site among various other alternatives including Facebook and Flicker. According to customer’s views, Google is quite satisfactory. Below mentioned are some tips on using Google for hosting videos and images.

Upload Unlimited Images

For the members, Google offers unlimited photo uploads, but those pictures should be less than 2048 by 2048 pixels. This unlimited uploading is free. Large size photos will automatically scale down. After uploading, images are compressed and are in good quality. In addition, images have better visibility than Facebook. Captioning the images is the easiest way to find them in future. Members can caption their images but no tagging. With Google, users can create unlimited albums but cannot create albums of albums. Many albums can grow quickly and out of control.

Generous Video Uploads

Users can upload videos of 15 minutes each, up to 1080P. There is also file size limit. Videos can be downloaded by the visitors. If users want to share their videos privately, they can mention Google Plus account or an email address. Google Plus account is the unique way for sending large video files over the net. Moreover, to share videos, users have to share URL link. Beside these positive points, one negative point with Google is video cannot be embedded.

Some Features Missing

With Google there are some restrictions also such as there are no statistics, users cannot find how many times a video or image has been downloaded or viewed. Also, Google does not offer HTML or BBCodes to embed images. To share manually, members have to copy and share the URL. Furthermore, it is not simple to find out how to set the visibility of images and videos.

Google Photos- Features

Google has introduced excellent storage service called Google photos. This service comes with some new features. Google images provide apps and website for Android and iOS. On mobile apps, users can set up automatic upload images from tablet or phone. Therefore, new videos and images are immediately backed up over data signal or Wi-Fi. On website, just drag and drop images from the hard drive to create backup. After that, the service works like magic to highlight best pictures. In addition, Google photos enlarge them to look much clear and create GIFs and panoramas.

Another unique feature of Google photos is stories; it creates attractive albums for trips, special events, and holidays. Images are on timeline including maps and location pins. Google photos are totally free with Google account. Google can compress images which are larger than 16 megapixels and videos with great resolution than 1080p. Members can also choose original resolution storage plan instead compressed larger images. Google account offer 15GB free space. Beside this, Google has another brilliant image sharing service called Picasa that is a desktop app to organize pictures on the computer and backup those files. Through Picasa, users can do batch editing also.

Where it excels/Pros- Photo apps are simple to navigate, and uploading images is a smooth task. There automatic enhancement features produce interesting effects and create fun without overwriting original images.

Where it falls flat/Cons- Free unlimited storage does not work for every user. If uploaded files are larger than 16 megapixels with free plan are compressed.

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