Web Hosting, in recent years, has actually gone down in price. Before, a good price would have been in excess of a lot of dollars per month which would be astronomical in today’s market. The prices, since, have obviously dropped tenfold and some to as low as less than a dollar per month.
The hardware used now are bought in higher frequency, therefore allowing greater production and since technology advances so quickly, we have seen a large decrease in price and increase in quality.
Taking into account worldwide cheap labor which was not taken advantage of in the past like it is now. In addition, the earlier days of web hosting preferred high-end, name-brand gear whereas nowadays, some no-name brands are almost as good and less than half the price, so in combination with the decrease in hardware parts overall, it was a good choice.
The going price these days for shared hosting is between some dollars where the high end would be few dollars and the low end would be around some dollar mark. Affordable web hosting should not only mean price, but also service and quality.
If we are searching for a bargain, we might end up at a dead end and our decision should not be as cheap as possible. If we have a look at web hosting logically and while some dollar per month might look quite attractive, we may actually get more bang for our buck spending some dollars and dollars MORE on something that will last we longer.
Many of the web hosts these days are offering affordable web hosting and really, we, the buyer, will need to look at other aspects of quality of service to make a concise and exact decision.
A simple search on any search engine will throw up hundreds of web hosts that fall into the medium price range, furthermore, confusing we more.
It is much better to utilize web host review websites to catch an advantage as they offer the more well-known web hosts.
Well, known does not necessarily mean better option, but it does bring in longevity and the comfort of knowing that we aren’t dealing with shady fly by night companies. Unfortunately, this industry is full of not so trustworthy Web Hosts.