Phishing Campaign

Nowadays phishing is a more famous buzzword. It is the way to collect confidential information which exists online. These data include credit and debit card details, passwords and many more. These records can be accessed by illegal methods. This comes in practice across the world.

A connection between Shared web hosting and Phishing Campaigns:

Hackers or cybercriminals target those websites which are hosted on shared web servers. Many reports have advised that cyber crimes and phishing campaigns are easy to carry on shared hosting sites
. A famous anti-phishing group has confirmed that half of the total operations took place in the last 2 to 3 years. A user can follow the detailed statistics on legitimate phishing survey reports.

Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG):

APWG uses advanced tools to monitor some phishing activities on a website. One of a senior member of APWG has stated that shared plans are not 100% perfect. Therefore, cybercriminals update the configurations manually on such servers to display phishing pages from a specific subdirectory of the website. Hackers are aware of the concept that many websites can be hosted on a single shared server. Many SME's have transferred websites from shared hosting to Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers. As a result of this, all web hosting providers are focusing on safety measures.

APWG Alliance:

Popular Anti-Phishing Working Group has a connection with 2000 organizations. All are from various parts of the world. These connections are from many sectors such as telecommunication companies, financial institutions, ISPs, trade groups, security vendors, law enforcement firms and government agencies. These sectors are tied up to monitor cyber crimes and phishing activities. They have also provided associated details. Organizations have shared full records of phishing attacks. IT department accepted that shared web hosting is targeted by cybercriminals. Cyber investigators stated that these techniques can be traced easily with some advanced tools.

Therefore, APWG recommended leading hosting providers against hacking process for safety measures.