When you are hunting for that reseller host that fits your need, you must take care to research the host's reliability. You will want to take a look at the various reviews coming from customers that have been in the same situation. Paying hundred's of dollars for a terrible host can lead you down the red-inked road of no profits.

First, research the host and their background on the web. Find your favorite search engine and search by the host's name. Find reviews and what people are buzzing about. You will find that previous experience is always the best when selecting a Reseller Host.

Second, you are going to need to make a profit from hosting sites so you need to select the best ‘bang for the buck'. Does the reseller have all the reseller hosting software provided to you at no additional cost?

Third, are you hosting your own websites or someone else's? My experience with reseller packages is that if you are planning on doing multiple web projects and even designing websites, you will find that reselling can be an added profit.

You can easily make hundreds of dollars a month reselling your hosting bundled with other services. The possibilities are endless in marketing your space. By selecting a host that allows a good amount of space (start with at least 5GB), your business will thrive.