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Blog Hosting Standards

Be discoverable via the web: Every business goes for online presence by creating a website for marketing and selling products or services. The people discover the businesses via search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube.

The standards of IT business change very quickly. All that seemed to be up to date as recently as past, today seems to be absolutely fusty. Then what should be the standard for a blog hosting?

Blog Hosting Features

  • Plenty of features
  • User-friendly look-and-feel interface
  • Built a professional looking blog for creating visual posts or podcasts.

Choosing Best Hosting Service and Plan

  • Server Speed: Visitors abandon a blog loads faster as slow websites.
  • Server Space: Amble space for visuals and videos with content.
  • Support: Always available 24.7.365 by experienced technical staff
  • Cost: Reasonable and affordable price
  • Secure: Provide SSL, anti-malware
  • Design: For impressive and compelling blog provides customizable themes, drag and drop functionality, widgets and various built-in functionality.

Blogging Platforms: WordPress, vBulletin, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad

A web host required to host blog files and databases, further to deliver them to readers browsers. Different web hosting services offer varying specifications like the data transfers, storage, email, and other features. They have various payment modes which are monthly, quarterly,  and yearly.

The various hosting plans offered for hosting blog are Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud.

If we take a look at Internet growth, one can notice how the attitude towards network projects is being changed. The most important thing is websites that are being hosted on free web hosting platforms.

However the time passed away, Internet matures up and the standards have changed. Webmasters started to think not only about creating a website but more about creating a professional web project for which free web hosting is apparently not suitable.

People started to register a domain name, order paid reliable web hosting services and hire professional web designers and developers. This initiated a new era of IT.

Blogosphere came to standard idea much later. If nowadays website on a free hosting may call decreasing, the blog hosted in a free blog platform is still considered to be a normal thing.

The most long-sighted bloggers right now register a domain name to create a stand-alone blog on it and search for blog hosting services. Since they new, shortly this will become a generally accepted standard of the blogosphere.

Transferring blog on another hosting is like moving to a new home. The more things the stronger is the move itself. The backlinks and PR might be lost. It is also hard to move blog archive because of internal links in blog posts.

The best thing is start from the very beginning with the paid quality blog hosting with WordPress pre installed and free domain name to create our own stand-alone blog.

As stand-alone blog will give us numerous opportunities such as real independence on a paid web hosting and a great chance for unlimited income.

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