To construct an in-house server room for IT equipment may be costly. With the help of colocation services, it can be easily avoided. Service includes housing of servers by service provider and equipment is maintained 24×7. This is the service in which it is difficult to find reasons against it. It is not providing a burden to a user from all routine and tasks come with the running of own server.

Colocation services provide an advantage of a top facility for a constant monthly fee. Service is more secure and delivers better performance of systems. Some reasons are there to demonstrate business needs of colocation services rather than in-house server rooms:-

1. Best value for money:

Colocation servers can easily be afforded. If anyone decides to maintain servers in-house, he will need to maintain and build whole network infrastructure, server room is created with proper cooling and must protection from flood and fire. In order to prevent internal and external threats such as viruses, cyber attacks user will need to install and design security solutions.

This is reason behind this that server room becomes costly. Entire network is maintained by service provider with the help of colocation. To create accurate IT budget all costs are rolled into single fee. Colocation is less expensive in comparison to costs of building server room, managing utilities and specialized staff and it provides also best value of money.

2. Simple scalability:

Scalability can be simplified by colocation for network and server needs. When additional servers are required by business, user can add them simply to colocation service without any major modifications to business. User can make request of large amount of bandwidth, additional storage space and higher processing power according to requirements. It gives large benefits to servers for its expansion with business growth.

3. High Security:

Servers can be maintained within data center will increase the security of servers. Facilities of data center are very secure, multiple layers of access control and have different security protocols and monitoring tools provides better protection to active networks links to internet servers.

Therefore, colocation is providing safety to data and also helpful in recovery process.

4. Fast Access of network:

Colocation provides fast network access as whole infrastructure of data center and network lines are designed to provide fastest speeds. Servers colocation ensures high speed of network for clients and employees. Data centers has provided bandwidth to handle large network traffics and scaled up or down as per needed.

5. High Flexibility:

Colocation services are offering flexibility achieved with in-house server room. User has option of multiple carriers for network service and will easily change carriers if he is not satisfied with performance of current hosting. He can choose between half racks, quarter racks, and full racks. All above choices can make design easier to meet their needs.

6. For servers professional support is there:

IT expert’s offers colocation services of data centers take care of all important network and environment of data center. Professionals are available to help in maintaining servers. Supporting team providing assistance to install new software and server settings are modified. Experts maintaining business areas enable to concentrate on business deals.

In colocation facility businesses can lease space for their resources and other hardware. Colocation provider offers building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security while customer provides servers and storage. Many colocation companies guarantees uptime, high availability, compliance, and protection.

LiquidWeb provides colocation hosting from its Michigan data centers. These data centers are made with N+1 redundancy on all networks, hardware, power systems, and generators. These centers are composed of Tier-1 premium bandwidth providers. They also allow off-site backup and premium disaster recovery services. Company's colocation facility comprises SOC 3, SSAE-16, and HIPAA compliant features for a high level of security and privacy. Company's neutral-facility provides connectivity to multiple Tier-I bandwidth providers, ensuring minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global Internet.