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Linux Hosting Advantages

Linux Hosting is quite popular all over the world. Although it has several disadvantages, but it is seen that most of the people prefer Linux hosting over other platforms, because there are several unseen advantages which make Linux more user-friendly, cost-effective, safe and secure than others. So, have a look on some of the advantages of Linux Hosting.

Advantages of Linux Hosting
  1. Linux hosting comes with several options to fulfill the hosting demands.
  2. One of the most important, Linux hosting is quite cost effective and reasonable to operate, as compared to other platforms.
  3. New and improved versions of Ubuntu Linux are offered in every six months and long-term support versions in every two years. Daily updates of their packages are offered and sources no. of times every year and security fixes as per the demand.
  4. Most of the versions of Linux does not involve any cost, as it is an open source platform. Moreover, that's why it is a first choice for cost-effective, dedicated servers.
  5. Linux Hosting offers services such as the Apache web server, the BIND name server, Send mail and Exim mail servers.
  6. Softwares, applications of different types and programming languages including Perl, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, all are getting constant support of Linux.
  7. As security is always a priority; Linux servers offers more safety than other servers. It prevents viruses and malware to a large extent and in case, if any found, it was fixed fastly by its developers and users.
  8. There is no need to start the Linux again and again and its server is also not defragmented on frequent basis.
  9. Linux hosting offers a clear view of files to the administrators and keeps the same under control.
  10. This is also beneficial for testing the new things. So, Linux proves quite useful to the practicing programmers.
  11. PHP, one of the most popular programming language and maximum used. Moreover, good thing is that it is compatible with Linux. So, Linux hosting supports the same.
  12. Linux hosting is scalable, flexible and can be modified too, as per the need, without considering the services or processor used.
  13. Another benefit is that Linux is supported by many powerful and reliable tools and solutions like PHP, MYSQL, and Perl.
  14. Users of Linux get the free support through community sites and forums. With this, they also get the peace of mind from distributed community, as there is not a single source and single point of failure for Linux support or development.
  15. It is very capable, it may run for no. of years, with no failure. Multiple processes can run by this at the same time. Linux hosting is considered good for personal as well as professional websites. It can be used by individuals and small and mid-sized business easily.
  16. To host the website, user is not required to run Linux on their computer.
  17. As support is required any time and by everyone, Linux has big three commercial providers; Red Hat, Novell, and Canonical, by whom support for business services, business that are standardized on .NET web technology and for critical applications are rendered on constant basis.
  18. Linux hosting offers one more advantage. It has a Linux Foundation which is a corporate collection of platinum supporters (Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel, NEC, Novell and Oracle). It is considered as a positive sign for Linux users and adopters as its presence assures that Linux is developing on the continuous basis. This foundation also contains members by whom Linux Torvalds is sponsored through donations and membership dues, and others who work on Linux full time. Behind this, their prime goal is to “promote, offer security and standardize Linux to encourage its growth all over the globe.”
  19. Worldwide community of developers has a great contribution to the source code, security fixes, and system enhancements, always provide support to the Linux.
  20. Linux hosting is 40-50% faster than other servers, whether it is a dedicated server, cloud server, windows server or VPS server.
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