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  • (June 27, 2018) The company named as AWS Migration Acceleration Partner (MAP) by attaining the AWS Migration Competency. Thus, enables enterprise customers or businesses to migrate applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS. It has documented and designed process to adhere to best practice migration methodologies. It accelerates migration by providing consulting support, training, and services credits. Thus reduces the risk of migrating to the cloud and build a strong operational foundation and offset the initial costs of movements. Furthermore helps enterprises save time and money while moving workloads to Amazon Web Services.
  • (November 16, 2017) Acquired Datapipe
  • (October 10, 2017) Opened office in downtown Singapore to expand its footprint with customers in Southeast Asia
  • (September 26, 2017) Offers to provide a subscription-based partner managed private cloud for SAP software solutions. It would enable clients to access SAP software easily and quickly. No need for up-front infrastructure, dedicated staffing requirements and software licensing costs associated with on-premise software deployments.
  • (September 11, 2017) Rackspace Announced Agreement to Acquire Datapipe. It would expand its ability in managing multiple clouds at scale and enable better serve customers.
  • (August 15, 2017) The company introduces data privacy and protection (PDP) service for GDPR compliance. It would quickly identify and protect sensitive data such as customer payment information and other personal details. Furthermore, allowing companies to restrict access to approved company personnel and processes. While providing alerts on any attempted unauthorized access to users, applications, and systems to sensitive data.
    It ensures companies not to worry to speed up regarding protection and regulation needs. The system would deliver detailed monthly reports. How is business using and protecting data? How is the user meeting their compliance requirements?
  • (June 2017) Acquired TriCore Solutions, would enable the company to bundle SAP software
  • (March 21, 2017) Rackspace offers Red Hat OpenStack Platform on both a “long-life” and “standard” version of managed services in its Private Cloud.

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