The Linux application documentation available under /usr/share/doc directory.

man command – provides detailed information on Linux commands including syntax and options. A user can use HOW-TO, README, INSTALL document for that application.

$ man ls
SPACEBAR – To advance to next page
B – move back a page
Q – Quit man utility and return to a command line
Slash (/) or Question mark (?) – To activate the search

info command – brings up a special screen listing different GNU applications like GNU, C, C++ compiler (gcc) and the Emacs editor

Linux Documentation, Manuals

  • Debian Documentation › doc
  • The Linux Documentation Project › guides, › LDP › manpages › man
  • The Linux Kernel documentation: Application-developer documentation describing aspects of the kernel interface as seen by application › doc › html
  • GNU Manuals Online › manual › manual.en.html
  • GNU Bash Manual › software › bash › manual
  • Linux Mint Documentation › documentation
  • Kali Training Documentation › topic › documentation-sources › docs
  • Git Documentation › doc
  • Linux man Command Tutorial for Beginners › linux-man-command
  • SUSE LINUX Documentation › docs › suse10.1 › suselinux-manual_en › manual
  • MongoDB Manual › manual › administration › install-enterprise-linux
  • Oracle Linux 7 Help Center › Operating Systems › Oracle Linux › Release 7
  • MySQL Documentation › doc
  • Product Documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 › documentation › en-us › Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux
  • Ubuntu Manual
  • Documentation Guides & Manuals for OpenSUSE
  • DB2 Version 9.5 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Manuals › support › pages › db2-version-95-linux-unix-and-widows-english-manuals

Linux Newsgroups & Newsreaders

  • Announcements about Linux like news, bug fixes
  • FAQ & HOWTO files, and other important documentation
  • Unmoderated newsgroup for discussion of the administration of Linux systems
  • Usenet newsgroup for end-user discussions of the Linux/m68k operating system
  • News For Open Source Professionals
  • Manjaro News › news
  • Discussions about Red Hat Linux
  • Discussions about setting up and running the X Window System under Linux
  • Linux setup and installation
  • Networking under Linux
  • Miscellaneous topics about Linux
  • Help with various aspects of Linux
  • Discussions about Linux and various hardware
  • Linux operating system development
  • Linux application development
  • KDE newsreaders on the software list
  • GNOME newsreaders
  • Mozilla newsreader
  • GNOME Windows-like Newsreader
  • Emacs editor, mail client, and newsreader
  • Usenet binary grabber for KDE
  • Based on GTK2 and looks like Forte Agent
  • Graphical newsreader written in Python and GTK+ toolkit
  • Mail/news client with RSS and integrated spam filter support

Shell Manual

$ man bash for BASH Shell
$ man ksh for Korn Shell
$ man zsh for Z-shell
$ man tsch for TSCH shell
$ man csh for C-shell

  • A detailed online manual, FAQ, and content releases like Readline
  • Bash online manual
  • Z shell website with references to FAQ and current downloads
  • TCSH website with comprehensive support including manual, tips, FAQ and recent releases
  • Korn shell website with manual, FAQ and references