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Image Hosting Sites

Image hosting providers allow individuals to upload pictures over the internet. After uploading image, host store those images onto their server and show the clients various types of code to allow others to view that image. Following is the list of top image hosting with features and have been selected carefully according to clients demand.

SiteGeek Recommended Image Hosting Sites


Bayimg is a free and popular image hosting site. Clients can upload their photos, images and can share with friends and family for free. No registration is required for the clients and doesn’t have any copyright license. Bayimg users can easily upload an image. It includes 140 various image formats with 100MB file limit which clients can upload. This site uses tag clouds to browse pictures and supports removal codes.


dotPhoto is another image sharing site, enable members to manage all their imaging in one place including build an image website, print, print books, tell a story, store videos, create a gift, sell photos and more. Apart from this, clients get both free and paid membership. Through free service, clients can create personal image website, custom photo gifts, photo sharing and back printing. But prints are available in paid membership only.


Flickr is a popular photo and video sharing site owned by Yahoo Inc. It offers unique online image management and sharing applications through which customers can share their personal pictures. Clients can upload images from a desktop, use a camera phone or send by email. Basic editing such as crop an image, creative with fonts and effects or get rid of red eye can be done easily. Clients can organize pictures by using tags, sets, and collections. In addition, if members need privacy, they can use privacy controls to determine who can view the pictures.


Fotki is a media social networking site where members can share digital images and video. Both free and paid membership offered by the Fotki. There are some restrictions with free accounts including clients get 50MB of space limitations. This website claims free unlimited image hosting sites, emails, blogs, and auctions without registration and no size limit. Whenever members logged in, they can organize pictures into a structure by grouping albums into folders or develop subfolders. Fotki supported various image format- bmp, jpg, pcx, gif, psd, jpeg.


Fotolog is a popular image sharing website and available in more than ten languages including Swedish, Dutch, German, Italian, French and more. Members can share images through online picture blogs or diaries. Fotolog provides both free and paid accounts. Limitations with a free account are, clients can upload single image per day with only 20 comments allow. Moreover, clients can customize their page and add other catalogs to friends and favorite list. On the other hand, paid members can upload around 6 photos per day with 200 comments per photo. Members can enjoy other extra features as well.


ImageShack is popular free image hosting site where users can upload flash, images, video, and flash for free. With each uploaded picture should be less than 1.5MB in size. If this limit increases, then your image will be optimized for internet use. Video files and flash files must not exceed 50 MB and 1.5MB size. Clients can resize the image into different size according to their requirement. Create image slideshow for free with this site.

Jalbum is another popular image sharing site. Just download Jalbum software and make a photo album with drag and drop option, also publish it to your or any other site. Free account users get 30MB space for upload and for more space upgrade to power or premium and paid account. In addition, share your album with friends and family on social networking sites.


MyPhotoAlbum is a photo album and sharing site. There is no fee for standard membership which allows uploading 500 images and 10 videos. Their qualifying transactions come with discounts and special promotions.


Panoramio is owned by Google and is a very popular image sharing website. Presently, images uploaded to the website can be accessed as a layer in Google Maps and Earth, along with new images being added at the end of every month. Clients can store around 2GB photos in original size for free. In addition, members can also show travel routes to the friends and can track trips easily.


Photobucket is one of the well-known image and video sharing site in the industry where members can share, find pictures, upload graphics and videos. This site offers free account option, so members can keep 100 images with 500MB space and videos. Beside this, clients can put music, images, and videos for posting and sharing on website.

These are some famous image sharing websites, through which members can create albums, share photos and videos anywhere. Apart from above-mentioned websites, there is some more photo sharing sites. These sites are also having a reputation over the internet. But according to our research, these are less preferable by the users.

  • Photoshop
  • PhotoWorks
  • Picasa Web Album
  • PictureTrail
  • Shutterfly
  • Snapfish
  • TinyPic
  • Webshots
  • Zooomr

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