Joomla has been passed by web experts as a very powerful and yet very easy to use content management system. Joomla is open source and is user-friendly and has proved to be useful in building big websites with extensive customization. It can do plenty of specific tasks that other tools could not do effectively by providing a number of options to developers. Because of its popularity amongst all kinds of developers making all kinds of big and small websites, Joomla hosting is provided by almost all the web hosting companies.

Advanced Joomla Platform

With the Advanced and Updated Joomla platform available things have become even easier and comprehensive. You can now have Joomla Hosting plans as per your requirements and smoothly get your website on track just the way you want it to. This offers a lot of advantages.

  • Increased compatibility: When Joomla 1.0 was introduced, it was good but it had some bugs which required fixing. Now that Joomla 3.0 version has come out, we need not worry about those bugs anymore as they have been fixed. Also, there are no compatibility issues with Joomla. If your server has Apache, PHP, and MySQL, Joomla will work just fine.
  • Superior Backend: With the latest changes that have been made in Joomla it visibly becomes more commercial. Addition of templates has become easier now that the back end screen has been totally rejuvenated to give you an excellent experience and complete satisfaction. It has become more convenient to control and administer the website with the updated version of Joomla.
  • Availability of Native templates: Introduction of updated and advanced versions of Joomla does not mean that now it can be used by techies only who are familiar with technical details or have extensive technical knowledge. It can still be used by a newbie who has just started with the work as there are native templates available in the latest version of Joomla too. It is not at all complex and can be used to develop simplest of the sites too. And yet there are options available within Joomla to give a very professional look to your website. That gives Joomla a huge advantage.
  • Mobile Ready: An increasing trend of smartphones has been witnessed in recent times and with an ever-increasing number of mobile phone users it is extremely important that any business website has an option available which is mobile ready. Everybody is looking for a CMS that has the option of providing users a website that is mobile ready and also it provides suitable tools to the administrator. Now that Joomla has adopted bootstrap framework it has joined the league of those major cms which are mobile ready. Now the user will not have any problem in browsing the website on a mobile or a tab or a simple desktop pc. Joomla is ready for it.
  • Plenty of plugins: As compared to other CMSs Joomla way more plugins and components. There is a lot of functionality within Joomla and thus it requires fewer plugins. When building a good website there are few plugins that are critical and one definitely needs them like url plugin. Most of these are available with Joomla and there is no need to look at a third party for extra plugin.
  • Support: When you are using Joomla you can never get stuck with a problem because of the phenomenal online support available. There are hundreds of communities that supply endless useful tips and tricks. There is no dearth of suggestions when you need one. Also, provides online tutorials to help out.

Thus we see that the new and updated Joomla has a long way to go and is a good option for all sorts of websites!