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Bizarre Facts of the Cloud

Use the Cloud thoughtfully

There was a time when most people who were using the internet in one way or other would shy away from the Cloud. They held the Cloud as something which could not be relied upon. But now as technology is reaching masses and as people are taking interest in finding out positive and negative aspects of the Cloud, it is being used and explored.

There are a number of services that are available via the Cloud and could easily provide you with the desired solution for your problem. But I would like to put in a word of caution here that Cloud is not a solution to any and every problem. One must analyze effects of using Cloud properly before plunging in. If you do not have complete knowledge of Cloud you might end up in a very compromised state where you have your data or information exposed or leaked or available to wrong people.

There are a number of challenges that stare at you if you are using the Cloud. These are practical issues and can easily escalate into huge blunders when combined with a little tactlessness.

IT professional too can go wrong!

The people who are using technology and want to get best of it are sometimes misleading into thinking that Cloud has some kind of magical powers and using it instead of traditional services will make all problems go away. This is unsafe and thoughtless and should be avoided. There have been instances where IT professionals have made a mess just by relying too much on the Cloud such as sometimes a client might need a certain level of security and using the Cloud might simply compromise that. Also, it so happens that certain application which was originally never designed for the Cloud are moved over to the loud. This results in chaos as these applications do not perform as per expectations as they were designed for non- cloud environment.

Design flaws can cause security blunders

There have to be decisions made all the time in any given business. And it so happens that these decisions sometimes take the absolutely wrong turn because normal processes are by-passed. Not only the IT people involved but also their business counterparts are a party to blunder. These decisions are generally taken by those overwhelmed with a cloud.

Monitoring is important

There have been instances when huge business enterprises have taken up the Cloud for its sales or marketing or services without getting an okay from the IT department. This is dangerous. When things are not properly evaluated, checked for errors or risks problems become inevitable. In a yearning to do things rapidly and to get desired results in reduced time, sometimes loud is taken up without the IT people's yes. This results in compromised situations. If a skilled IT team takes a look at the Cloud beforehand then the probability of things moving smoothly is more and it is definitely safer.

Too many Clouds is a problem

When big businesses heard of the Cloud and its alluring benefits they simply jumped onto it, and this they did in a very disorganized fashion. And hence there were disjoint Clouds which came up bit by bit. This resulted in security problems. One research which dealt with the same issue through a very scary fact about businesses who were haphazardly using the cloud and it was that no one knew who was using which data from which cloud and if there are any data losses.

The Bottom line

The Cloud has its numerous benefits and here the motive is not to discourage anyone go ahead and use the Cloud. But there has a certain level of discipline to be followed and processes to be gone through to avoid any accidents or compromised situations.

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