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Benefits Of Having a Website

What are Benefits Of Having a Website?
It is common knowledge that the Internet is of great service to millions of users globally. This is possible mainly because of the countless websites that help in providing information, advertising services, exposure to a global audience and an array of options. All of this ultimately leads to a greater database of customers, better potential for growth and additional lesser-known benefits. Though having your own personal website is an excellent advertising strategy, it does not eliminate the need for advertising in other media. Owning a website should be seen as an integral part of advertising on the ‘www'
Owning a website makes any individual or business look more professional. This can be responsible for making a better first impression and shows that you are a significant businessperson.
You find Global Audience from a website. We all know how huge the Internet is, with the right content and good search engine optimizing you can make your website rank higher and get an increased number of customers from the world over.
A website provides Better Communication: For a business that has others reporting to you, using your own website you can communicate with your employees, suppliers etc and this way you can have 24/7 communication or work delegation. Anyone who has seen the updates once posted without having to wait for specific instructions related to them and their work.
Self-Promoting: As your business has grown, you considered it unnecessary to represent affiliates so you would like to put an end to it, this way the ranking that achieved over time would be of no value. However, if you have your own website, all that the Webmaster is required to do is change the content on the site, remove the affiliate link and add a new one. This way you continue maintaining a presence in the online world, which helps in making the business boom.
Owning your own website, puts your business on the global map, this way your business is omnipresent and mobile since it has worldwide access.
Businesses can have clients globally, so owning a website can allow you to showcase all the work you have done to potential clients. The clients can be located anywhere in the world and yet be able to see your work anytime, all you have to do is refer them to your own website.
What more would a business want than a good haul of customers, owning a website gives you that edge? This is because you can do business 24/7, 365 days a year and in case a customer needs to acquire information about you and your business, your website helps tremendously.

According to current statistics, 125,000 new Internet Access Accounts are established every month in the United States alone. So if all the tips and methods are correctly followed your business can boom at a high percentage without the need for any advertising in any sort of media.

Unique opportunities for businesses

There is several unique opportunities for businesses like Instant Access to Information About Your Company's Goods and Services, Better Customer Feedback though response forms, online discussion, and focus groups, a Business that is highly adaptable to your customer's needs, Services that are not possible with traditional businesses. such as customer reviews of products and services, or computer generated suggestions of products based on customer preferences. you can Sell Your Product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of the customer's living room or bedroom.

Need for Business Online

There are many things that you need to make sure you have, to ensure flexibility and security for your online store. Here are outline the basics of bringing your business online.
Shopping Cart Software
There are several different solutions that you should consider for your shopping cart software that we will go over here. However, you need a lot of flexibility, you should probably consider another solution. My personal favorite is osCommerce. This is an open source (so its free!) shopping cart solution with a big, very active community to help you out along the way. Your host will need to have PHP and MySQL for osCommerce to function. It is very simple to run an unmodified version of osCommerce. You just download it, upload it to your server, and run the web-based install, or if you have Fantastico, you can automatically install it from there.
Merchant Account
This is a necessity of any e-commerce business because you need to be able to take payment in your store. There are several different ways you can go here. You can either go with a 3rd party processor or a true merchant account which is built into your shopping cart.

If you have a website, you need a web host! For most shopping carts, you will need PHP and MySQL, so make sure that you look for hosts that support the technology that you need.

Instant Domain Alias is an additional web address which lets you access your site during the first several hours after the domain name registration, the time when the site is yet unavailable at the newly registered domain. Over the next few days, DNS servers all across the Internet will update themselves with your new site name. Once that happens, you will be able to access your site at the domain you have registered.
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